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Anthony Vivero

Anthony Vivero is a spiritual healer in the Philippines. His energy is incredible and I was very impressed by his genuine charity and healing powers. Anthony was a business man and as he puts it not a “particularly good man, certainly not a holy man”. When he was at a place and a book fell out of a shelf in front of him. The book opened and a picture was there. That night the spirit in the picture appeared to him. Anthony called him “the father.” Twice a week he gives free healing sessions to hundreds of locals. He does mass healings as he walks through the crowd attaining each person with sacred oil and healing them. The oil came when he was on the way to heal a person and he found a rock. It caught his eye. As he held it, it appeared to be alive. It changed shape and pulsated in his hand. He used this rock for miraculous healings. He was instructed to place the rock in a jar and cover it with oil. That this oil would then have healing properties. This is what he did. In Anthony’s healing sessions he rubs oil in the persons palm then touches their crown and rubs oil on the area for healing. People report the oil to have amazing healing properties. You can take a few drops and place it into another bottle of oil and that oil will become sacred so you can extend the life over and over. Click Here for the oils

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Danson pasquale
Danson pasquale
Jul 05, 2023

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