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Update-Healing From Bali

I am blessed once again to be here in beautiful Bali. This time I am excited to share it with some of my spiritual friends. While I am waiting for my group to arrive on the 1st, I am chilling out, getting emersed in the energy and hoping to share that with you. If you are on my free healing list (my email list, sign up on the front of my site) then I have your name with me. I hope you’ll spend the time to connect and receive the beautiful energy that is coming your way. I’ll be placing your name at the healing waters to receive physical and emotional healing. I’ll be taking you to the temples and presenting your name to the Goddesses to receive the blessings you want. I have a few days just to be by myself and I’ll be doing some individual distance healings and attunement for those who requested that. Today was just r and r around the pool but starting tomorrow our driver Mati arrives and we are off to the sacred sites.

We’ll be leaving each morning on an adventure so with the time difference as I am going out to these places it will most likely be your evening (in the US). If you want to connect energetically just put out to spirit what you would like before you retire to bed. You will most likely be receiving when you are asleep, which is a great time! You can also write down your wishes, as writing them down has a spiritual energy. Write down the things you wish to dissolve and release to the healing sites. Write down what you wish to receive and manifest from the Goddess energy of the Temples. Don’t worry about exactly where I am at that time, spirit knows your requests. Before you go to bed if you do a little meditation you may actually feel the energy connection.

Tomorrow (your night tonight) I planned quite a lot; first to the healing waters at the Pura Goa Gajah which means Elephant Cave and pay homage to the 3 statues in the caves. The 3 statues date back to the 1100’s and you can touch them and meditate in front of them. On the way back down is the Elephant sanctuary, so I’ll stop by to see the real elephants.

I also plan to visit the healer Ketut tomorrow (from Eat Pray Love). Last time he blessed some prayer beads for me so I am hoping he will do the same and to let him know I have a group coming to visit him in a few days. Of course I am sure he knows already, he seems to know everything!

The next day I plan to see The “Mother Temple” also known as the Temple of the Seven Chakras, Pura Besakih. She dates back to the 900’s. High in the mountains she actually consists of several smaller temples. I thought this is a great place to do distance Reiki attunements! When my group arrives I want to take them there and do a psychic opening ceremony to open and align the chakras.

Also on my list over the next few days is the healing waters at the Pura The Tirta Empul where the water is believed to enable healing as well as brings prosperity and good luck. Go ahead write down Pura The Tirta Empul and the wishes that you want there.

And I plan to take the group to a sacred cave known as the Pura Goa Lawah. A cave inhabited by thousands of bats. - Some of you know I absolutely love bats because they are my psychic communicating power animals.

I’ll try to keep up on face book, where exactly I am, but just know every evening your time, I will be thinking of you and sending blessings.

For those of you that have a difficult health issue or an emotional block and want a Personal Distance Healing while I am here, I will do the session here and then take your photo and personal request to the sites. I will also try to bring you back some things from your healing. (Last time I brought some Buddha beads that the healer Cakoda blessed with sacred oil as well different objects I collected for you). I will need your photo and petition for this. Click here for more info about distance Healing

For those of you that wish to have an attunement such as a Reiki attunement, I can do those while I am here for no additional charge. An attunement does pick up the energy of the area it is done so it would be wonderful to have at one of the temples. This is if you are a Reiki student or interested in learning Reiki. I can do you level I, II, II or Masters. Click here for more about Reiki Attunements

If you want a Psychic Opening Attunement, this is to specifically open your psychic senses; your clairvoyance and clairaudience. It is great to do from a scared site especially the Temples as it picks up the energy of the area it is done. If you are asking to improve your abilities as a healer then this would be great done at the healing waters. Click here for more about Psychic Opening Attunements

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