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Do You Have Ghosts Attached to You?

I am often asked what are Ghosts and are these different from cords and attachments? And how can we clear ourselves.

I believe that when we die or pass over we are greeted by higher guides, angels and loved ones in spirit and they guide us through the tunnel to the other-side. However sometimes the soul doesn’t want to leave right away. Sometimes they feel they have un finished business and feel too connected with Earthly emotions. Sometimes they actually are not aware that they have died and may even get stuck. These Earth bound spirits are sometimes referred to as “Ghosts.” They are often also called “Attachments.” A Cord is different. This is the energy that ties you to another person, such as in a difficult relationship. Cords can be with people currently alive or past over.

Even if it is a relative who loved us, like a grandfather or aunt, we don’t want them to remain Earth bound but we need them to pass to the lights. We can attract Ghosts to us and especially if we are empathic they are drawn to us. This can be very draining and can even make a person ill. If a person worries about getting say cancer they can actually attract a ghost that passed from Cancer. If a person smokes or has an addiction, they can attract a ghost that has the same desires and this then makes it near impossible for the living person to quit. They can feed of our energy and this is why empathic people often feel tired drained or have odd ailments and allergies.

The best thing to do is to ask your guides to help you in removing any attachments and to help any soul that are stuck.


I like to do a clearing every night especially if I have worked on people. Hold a crystal over your heart (small or medium size is good). I like the John of God blessed ones. Ask the spirits to connect in and release and dissolve any energies around you that are not yours.


You can wear a pendant or keep a crystal in your pocket on your

aura to help keep your energy clear. Especially if you are going to a

place with a lot of people. Even to work sometimes!


If you feel you have a difficult time clearing you can get a distance healing from a spiritual healer. Most healers work on an energetic healing level, clearing not only your energy but removing any cords or attachments.

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