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Getting to John of God

To plan a trip to visit John of God in Brazil at the Casa: You want to arrive in to Brasilia (airport code BSB) and this is about an hour and a half drive from John of God at the Casa in Abadiania. The flight is about 14hrs to 17hrs depending on the route. Delta flies from Atlanta and American flies from Miami. So many people in the US or Canada fly via these cities. These are usually night flights. Copa airlines flies from LAX to Panama and on to Brasilia and you can get a daytime flight. The best flights from Europe fly via Portugal on TAM. Flights are around $1200 from LAX. I have private drivers that meet us at the airport. If you are going with a guide they will arrange this or if you are going to John of God by yourself, you need to arrange beforehand. You cannot just get a taxi at the airport, it’s too far.

John of God requests that for the first visit to John of God at the casa, we come with a John of God guide or a friend that has already visited the casa before. There are different lines and instructions to follow and it can be a little confusing at first. On the first day you will go in front of John of God and the translator will give you instructions from John of God. You need to concentrate on your healing so it is important that you have a guide that will instruct you and you won’t need to worry about the details.

It’s best to arrive on a Tuesday morning, or perhaps a Monday. This is because John of God is in session at the casa on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, so if you arrive Saturday you still won’t get to see John of God until Wednesday. On Tuesday at 5pm there is an informational talk at the casa which I highly recommend you attend. Still you will have lots of questions and your guide is there to help you.

It is recommended that you spend two “casa weeks” at John of God. Meaning arrive on a Tuesday ready of the sessions on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Do some relaxing and meditating on the weekend and then go back to see John of God on the following Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Then most people leave on the Saturday or Sunday. You can come to John of God only for one week if you cannot get more time off work but most people feel like it’s not enough time. You see, although it would seem like you get 6 days you have to allow for days that John of God may prescribe you surgeries in which case you would spend at least a day in your hotel room and skip the sessions. Those that have the time and freedom often decide to stay on for a month or two. My trips arrive on a Tuesday morning and leave the following Saturday, but we are flexible to fit peoples schedules.

For those of you that would like to go to John of God but think you don’t have the resources, go ahead and put it out to spirit. Tell them you need help getting there. It is amazing how they work. I have found that when it is your time to go, spirit starts to let you know about John of God. You are reading this very article for a reason! It’s not only for those with an illness. The changes that this journey brings to you are profound.

To learn more about a trip to John of God click here

Or contact us at 818 890 6111 and we can discuss if a John of God trip is right for you

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