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Session with John of God at the Casa

John of God is in session every Wed, Thu and Fri. There is a morning session and an afternoon session. Each day you are allowed to go in front of him once and so it is recommended that you do the “current” or meditation with him on the other session. Also hopefully you will receive a surgery. In fact there are usually opportunities to volunteer for a surgery. When you receive a surgery you will need to go to the hotel and remain there for 24 hours. So you would end up missing some sessions while you are in your room. However the whole point is to go for the healing, so having a spiritual surgery and being in your hotel room is actually much more beneficial. In fact the spirits work on you back in your room and so it is like an intensive 24 hour treatment. You can’t ask for better than that! So don’t think that you missed an opportunity to go in front of John of God, you are being worked on individually.

It is typical that in two weeks you might go in front of John of God 3 or 4 times and receive one or two spiritual surgeries.

John of God asks that on your first visit to the casa on the first session that you go in front of him first so he can see you. The spirits are then with you and working with you. Actually many people feel the spirits working on them back home before they even arrive. As soon as you make the commitment to go, changes might start to happen.

Each time you do go in front of John of God you will write down your requests which the translator will read as you approach John of God. You will go in a line to see him individually. It can be very quick. He might say he is prescribing you herbs or a surgery or you should come back in line. Don’t expect a mini reading or to get messages. Sometimes he will stop you and say something to the translators but often he will just look at you, give your “prescription” quickly and you will walk by. Don’t under estimate this.

I recommend that your first petition of three things should be the three most important issues for you and especially physical issues. You will get the opportunity to come back and ask for additional things. You can bring photos of loved one but I suggest you leave those until the following week. I can always take for you if you run out of time. You need to concentrate on your healing first. I will be there to help you word your petitions and decide what to ask first.

If you have something major like cancer of course that would be what you ask healing for.

Dr. Dave on my trip said he couldn’t believe how exact the process was. He asked for three things and was given spiritual surgery. When he went back to his room, he felt the spirits come to him and specifically work on the three things he had asked!!! Some people do feel the spirits, some people just feel very tired.

Going in front of John of God can be amazing but often some of the most enlightening experiences and the greatest healing occurs in your room, in the gardens, in meditation. The entire place is all part of the experience.

I am there as a guide to help you through the process. You will be given instructions to come back in a certain line or to follow a protocol. I am there to help you so you can concentrate on your healing.

To get the most out of your journey I think it is important to realize that what we have in our life we brought to ourselves subconsciously. The more we can dig deep and discover why we have an ailment and to release guilt, anger, pain and karma, the more effective the healing. John of God says the spirits do half of the work we have to do the other half. This is what we do the rest of the time.

We will work in meditation, in reflection. We’ll go to the waterfall and we’ll have some fun. But this is not a vacation, it is a lot of soul searching and it can be difficult but it is going to be the most amazing, life changing experience that you will ever have.

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If you can’t join us in person follow us in spirit click here

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