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Past Lives and Karma

I say the word Karma and I know you are groaning about now. It’s not all bad. Karma is anything we have brought into our lives that originated before our present incarnation. So, it could be something good; a reward or a talent that we have. However we mostly think of karma as the bad stuff we never resolved in a past life that we still have to deal with.

The term karma is most often used in relation to specific experiences or relationships. These could be unfinished “feelings” that our soul still yearns to work through, which came from a previous lifetime. It could be karmic that we find ourselves accused of a crime that we never committed or were unfairly treated by our peers. It could be karmic that we find ourselves scared of heights or having other phobias from a previous life experience. It could be karmic that we feel controlled or repressed as this was our expression in a previous lifetime as a slave or a victim and we never completed that lesson.

We also can have specific karma with people. In a family one child may be favored, and the other child always gets the raw end of the deal. In situations where this is karmic, it usually appears to a bystander that there is no apparent reason for it. The parent often is not even aware of anything they are doing.

Most of our relationships are karmic, including our lovers, our family, and our bosses. Some may have deeper meaning than others but most of them, even passing acquaintances, we have known in some way before. After all, we reincarnate in soul groups, often waiting for us all to be together so we can reincarnate at the same time.

Our romantic relationships are usually karmic, meaning we had an experience with this person in a past life, and we are either continuing the same pattern or perhaps have chosen to reverse our roles and experience another side of ourselves. So meeting a “soul mate” means to meet a person we have known before and wish to further explore our spiritual relationship. This could be a wonderful meeting of two people who have a loving connection and experience deep, unconditional love. However, a soul mate can also be someone you know and love from before who is about to teach you some very unpleasant lessons. After all, who better to push your buttons and affect you profoundly and intensely, than a soul mate that you love deeply.

Karma can also be physical in nature. Sometimes we bring physical issues or ailments as a result of something in the past that we feel is unfinished. You may even see people with a birthmark that was a scar from a wound in a previous life.

I had a friend who had continual problems with his lower left leg. The problems were originally caused by a teenage accident that crushed his ankle. Other issues and complications arose as an adult, all due to this initial accident. But is that where it actually originated?

We did a past life regression. He found himself in a previous life during World War II. He was in the midst of a horribly gruesome battle. The last thing he remembered was taking a step, hearing a horrific noise, being propelled up, and flying through the air. At that moment he realized that he had stood on a landmine. His lower left leg was blown completely off, leaving him numb from the knee down. The last thing he remembered was being carried away on a stretcher and looking down to see his lower left leg missing.

Through this regression we discovered that his teenage injury, which had caused so many leg issues in this lifetime, was not a random “accident” but rather it had been predetermined to manifest in some manner in this life. It was the continuation of an energy or a feeling from a previous lifetime which he felt had been left unresolved. Much of the basis of spiritual healing is to use such discoveries and then dissolve the initial cause, which can bring great healing.

We tend to think of karma as a negative or bad thing and look at it as an obstacle or difficulty that has come from the past to haunt us. People often see it as some nasty “lesson” from God. This is simply not true. God does not set obstacles in our way or throw us into difficult and painful situations. It just doesn’t make sense that God, this beautiful energy that is made of unconditional love, would want to thrust us into nasty, hurtful experiences. God supports us and loves us but gives us free will. We are the ones who set up difficult and unpleasant situations because we want to experience all sides of our soul. So it is a longing that we have to experience life and all it has to offer.

If we set ourselves an experience or lesson and we didn’t complete it or fully experience what it had to offer in a past life, we then have the desire to finish what we started. We have a compulsion to follow-through and experience the issue. We would not feel like we accomplished much if we just sat back and allowed God to bring us only beautiful experiences. We need to feel like we worked for it, that we completed the puzzle ourselves. Opening the newspaper to the crossword puzzle and finding it already filled in would not be much fun. Still, when we become consciously aware of our True Purpose and our karmic “tests,” there are ways we can progress through them more quickly and easily.

Karma playing out can also feel good; we just tend to dwell on the difficult situations. Karma can present us with the opportunity for a beautiful and joyous vacation. It can help us to receive recognition and acclaim for our accomplishments. The perfect home and a loving relationship can be the result of karma. Karma plays though our life in our beautiful moments as well.

How to clear your Past Life Karma

Take each issue at a time. Do a meditation and ask for beautiful spirits from the white light for assistance. Ask them if they can take you into your past life to show you were this issue first stared for you. Ask for their assistance in releasing and deleting any karmic debt.

If you need help with this I can do a personal distance healing, when you order just state that you need a karma clearing and what issues are specifically bothering you.

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