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Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta has drawn wisdom seekers here for centuries. It is known as a powerful energy vortex. A place for vision quests and to receive enlightenment. Many venture here to spend time on the mountain in meditation. Sometimes they fast, sometimes they sleep on the mountain. Some have experienced visions of Saint Germain. Others report sightings of UFOs and say they have communicated with inter-dimensional beings. Even those not aware of the spiritual realms still gain sanctuary in the beauty and the nature of this divine place, climbing, camping and even skiing the mountain.

It is in the far northern part of California. In fact I flew into Oregon and was nicely surprised to find Mount Shasta only a short drive away. As you go up the mountain road you come to the town of Mount Shasta. A sleepy, friendly town who’s people seem to be in tune with the vibration of the place. Very quaint with lots of crystal shops and spiritual books to browse.

The mountain looms in the back ground and seems to spread protective healing energy to the entire area, surrounding the little town in a warm loving glow.

Of course the main attraction is the mountain herself. To climb her to sit with her and to bond. But there are many other places in the area, still part of the mountains spiritual vortex. One such place is the magical Waterhead of the Sacramento River. This is a very sacred place where the water comes out of the earth for the first time. It is coming from the depths of the mountain which is in fact a volcano. Many people come here to fill their water bottles with this fresh clear spring water. But many more know even more how special this place is. Many believe there are fairy spirits here. You can definitely feel them, some can actually see them. The circulating tiny months glisten in the sun so it is hard to tell which are from the physical realm and which come from the fairy realms.

Castle Lake is worth the visit. Sitting at the base of the mountain the energy here is beautiful. It is very nicely shallow near the shore making it a great place to swim. Many who do say they receive a cleansing here. Also at the base is Heart Lake a place to go to rejuvenate and heal the heart.

Then of course my favorite- waterfalls! Some beautiful falls in the area you simply cannot miss. Hedge Creek Falls a minutes walk from the road. It takes you into an incredible misty grotto. Mossbrae Falls look incredible but seem to be closed presently to the public. Mccloud Falls are incredibly impressive and Burney Falls are some of the most beautiful falls. A twin fall magically enclosed in an adorable canopy. Definitely a fairy favorite I am sure!

We stopped in at the Shasta Abby, Buddhist monastery. We were lucky enough to be there just in time for a beautiful ceremony, a Darhma talk and tea. Some of the most beautiful people on earth.

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