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Apache Stones Mount Shasta

Apache Tears Healing Stones that were blessed at the head waters in Mount Shasta

These are naturally formed round black obsidian stones. They are black with white specs. They are rounded, smooth and just the right size to sit in the palm of your hand. Used for hundreds of years for the following purposes:

- Good Luck to those who possess them.

- For the root chakra to ground and protect.

- Release blocks and healing.

- Release pain, loss, sadness and anger.

- For Vision Quests.

- Bring to light that hidden in the subconscious mind.

- In Feng Shui placed for good luck and protection.

Blessed at Mount Shasta

I found these in a rocks and crystals shop in Mount Shasta and just absolutely loved their energy. Holding one in the palm of my hand I found them very soothing. I decided I wanted some of these and wanted to take them with me on my vision quest to Mount Shasta.

I took them to the base of Mount Shasta to the water head of the Sacramento River. This is a very sacred place where the water comes out of the mountain for the first time. It is coming from the depths of the mountain which is in fact a volcano. Many people come here to fill their water bottles with this fresh clear spring water. But many more know even more how special this place is. Many believe there are fairy spirits here. You can definitely feel them, some can actually see them. It is here that I placed the stones in this rushing water and asked for a blessing. I asked that any “tears” be washed away. I believe in this way they will assist in healing and releasing tears from others.

I then took them up the mountain with me to experience the vortex of energy at Mount Shasta. Mount Shasta is a magical place and know for visions of Saint Germain and the purple flame. To honor the Apaches I placed the stones to the four directions of the mountain and called in the spirits of the land. I asked that the rocks keep this energy for all who have them.

Then I took them to the magical hot springs nearby.

Apache Tear Stones History

The story of these stones is quite sad. Legend has it that the Pinal Apaches had raided a settlement in Arizona. In retaliation the white man trailed the apaches back, cornered them at a cliff face and made an attack. Many of the Apaches were killed by gunshot but the rest not wanting to die at the hands of the white man jumped off the edge of the cliff to their death. The Apache women gathered at the base of the cliff and wept. It is said that their tears were immortalized in these black stones. So the Apache Tear Stones are to remember the Apaches. When lifted to the light they say you can see their tears.

Though this is a sad story, I believe they are meant to be cherished so that we can remember this great tribe for their magical powers. That these stones possess the bravery and wisdom of the Apache men and the sensitivity and healing of the Apache women.

Clearing Cleansing and Charging Your Stones

Similar to crystals, it is great to clear off your stones every 21 days. The best is to put them in a bowl of salt water under a full moon. But if you can’t do that, at least run them under running water. Since they are Native American stones they like to be smudged (put in the smoke of sage and also sweet grass). The Native Americans kept their stones wrapped in red leather or felt. Keep them with you, respect them and bless them and make them yours and you will see they will work for you.

How to use your stones

Because they are connected to you base chakra, it would be great if you can keep them in your pants pockets. This will keep them in your base chakra energy and help you with grounding, healing and prosperity. This is why they call the “lucky stones.” Then when you have time to work with them, lay down, meditate and hold your stone over your heart. Tune into any pain that you are holding onto and ask for release. You can also ask for wisdom and insight. To receive your vision quest or open your third eye place the stone over your third eye for a few moments before you meditate. Remember to talk to your stone, it is a living being!

To get one of these Apache Tear stones blessed at Mount Shasta click here

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