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Filming John of God

Only a year had gone by since my first visit to John of God. Even on that very first visit I knew I wanted to film this amazing experience and I received permission to return with a camera crew.

We filmed the story of Medium João, his early life, and the emergence of a great spiritual healer. We traveled around Brazil searching for the house where João grew up, the river where he encountered St. Rita de Cascia, and the Spiritist center where his mediumship began. Over a beautiful two weeks we interviewed those who came to the Casa seeking spiritual help and heard many more stories of extraordinary healing. We followed my continuing journey and documented another miraculous visit to John of God.

Still there were many times that we believed we were not really in control of filming this documentary. The spiritual realms seemed to dictate when we would find our locations, when the weather would cooperate, even when the camera would turn on or simply not work at all.

One particular day the energy in the current room was very powerful. I was sitting in meditation while Harry was filming me. As Harry swept the camera across the room suddenly a large, white spot of light appeared on the lens. As the camera moved, so did the spot of light. It was vaguely opaque and misted the faces of the people meditating as the camera passed over them. Harry took out a cloth and tried to wipe the lens, but this orb of light remained. He tried again with cleaning solution, but still it remained. In fact, it seemed to morph shape slightly, which couldn’t possibly be a spot on the lens. It also became darker as it passed over a white wall and lighter over a dark background, not something any moisture spot could do. After about thirty minutes the current session was finished, but the orb remained.

Harry reported to Josef that something had gone wrong with the camera, and they may need to buy another one. Then, while the two stared at the screen, the orb got smaller and smaller until it was just a pinpoint, and then it disappeared. They realized that this was no camera error. It wasn’t something on the lens. This had to be a spirit! Had we caught a video of a real spirit?! How blessed we were to be allowed to see this presence.

We had fantastic footage and had covered almost everything there was to report. All except one thing we truly wanted–an interview with the big boss, Medium João. Even with Josef’s close relationship and the many powerful blessings I had received, it was hard to arrange for an interview with this very busy man. But on the very last day, at the very last moment, Josef came running out of João’s office, ecstatic. “We have an interview! We have an interview! With João! Now!” I don’t know what miracle Josef pulled off, but we quickly rushed our crew together and within moments, I was sitting side by side with the great Medium João.

He sat warmly holding my hand and talking emotionally about the healing work, the spirits, and most of all, his devotion to God. For probably thirty minutes he cried, he laughed, and he shared openly with us. He spoke of his difficult life growing up but without a moment of complaint. On the contrary, he expressed how blessed he felt to carry out God’s work. He anguished about poverty and his personal devotion to preventing suffering. He also described the healing work itself. As he spoke the words, “through God all things are possible,” I felt his love, his energy, and the truth of his soul. We were very blessed to receive so much of this man’s precious time to share about his healing, his vision, and indeed his energy for our viewers.

I truly believe that the message, the healing, and the feeling can and will transmit across time and distance through film, audio, prayer, all ways of connecting–even through the written words on this page!

My wish is that reading about John of God will inspire you to listen to your inner voice, to listen to the spirits around you, and to know that you are surrounded by guides and angels who are just waiting for you to ask for their guidance. Don’t ignore those little “signs.” Yes, you do feel them and you do sense your loved ones. We are all mediums and the veil is becoming thinner and thinner.

If it is a dream of yours to go to Abadiânia and to visit John of God, ask the spirits to find a way. They are listening and they will surely get you there.

To get a copy of the DVD click here

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