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Passing The Gift Ambrosio

Ambrosio had received “The Gift” from his mother who had in return received it from her mother. As a young boy, Ambrosio used to assist his mother who was the local village healer. Spiritual healing was not only believed, it was quite normal in these parts. In fact it was really the only option as most had neither the money nor the ability to travel to see a medical doctor. So all the people in the mountains relied on spiritual healers. Ambrosio’s mother used to “lay the hands” and do “magnetic healing” which I came to understand was a type of energy healing similar to Reiki. She did not do “Psychic Healing” which was more of the sensational healing Ambrosio had become famous for. That is, actually entering the body and putting fingers or even whole hands inside. This includes blood and other impressive indications of physical surgery.

So Ambrosio trained by his mother’s side. In his twenties, when it was Ambrosio’s time to become a healer, Ambrosio’s mother had sought out another healer to give Ambrosio the initiation. This healer Placito opened Ambrosio’s chakras and indoctrinated him as an official spiritual healer. Still, upon his mother’s death, Ambrosio didn’t believe he had the gift of healing to continue his mother’s work. He didn’t have the confidence or believe in himself. But the town’s people disagreed. Who else was to do it? They came to Ambrosio. They didn’t question it, they just expected him to heal them, and thus it started.

Ambrosio not only continued his mother’s work but became well known in the region. Later he would take his healing all over the world. His work included the magnetic healing as his mother had done but more people sought him out for the “psychic work.” This meant using the fingers psychically to open a hole or incision in a person’s physical flesh. Placing fingers inside the body of the patient, while they are completely conscious.

Then he told us the sad story of how he had experienced a series of strokes. Seven in all. The worst had left him unable to walk for a year and even after much work he now walked with a debilitating limp. Of course one would always ask why a healer would be affected by a health problem. Surely they could heal themselves? That of course is not the case, but Ambrosio did receive spiritual healing from others and this is probably the reason he is doing so well. For someone having had seven strokes, other than his leg and some slight affect in one arm and his energy was a little low, he was doing pretty well.

Then he became very still and serious for a moment. As if he had something very important to say that he had been waiting for the right moment to share. What he would say next would be words that I probably will be thinking of for the rest of my life. He said he knew that when Robert contacted him after all these years it was a sign. He had always known that one day he would want to pass on The Gift to someone who would carry on the work, just as his mother and his grandmother had done before him. With his ailing health and a fairly recent addition to his family he knew and indeed wanted that time to be soon. He said after he got Robert’s email he started to think that the person that Robert was bringing would be the one. The one to carry on his tradition. The one that he could pass the gift of healing to.

………Was that person me?

I questioned whether it was even something you could pass on. After all, were you not born with The Gift? He said this is why he knew it would be me. After all, I was already a healer. I was already doing the work. Maybe I didn’t even need the psychic surgery part. Maybe I didn’t even need to open the body, but he was sure he could initiate me. He was sure I would be open and connected enough to receive and that with me he could pass The Gift.

From the way he was talking it seemed that it was a final chapter for him. Not that he could teach me and that we would both go on. That he would continue to work in the Philippines and I could take the training back to America. No, it appeared that he would transfer his energy to me, in a way that he would no longer do the work. Whether this was just his choice to retire knowing his gift would continue through me or whether he would somehow loose his power, I was not sure.

Was it something I even wanted to take on? Yes sure to be able to open the body, place my hand inside and perform miraculous healings, was a very tempting honor. But it was more than another technique, another string on my bow, this was a major commitment and under taking.

A rush of love came through me and I became very emotional tears streaming down my face. We hugged and he too streamed tears. “We should both be happy.” He said trying to break the ice.

“I am very happy.” I assured him. It was one of those times that you cry with love and emotion over something beautiful and profound. It was a moment we will both never forget.

Over the next few days he would start the initiation on me and I did indeed get to do psychic surgeries.

I am sending you all love and energy from this wonderful place if you would like a personal distance healing from me or an attunement here while the energy is high Click Here

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