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Ambrosio Philippino Psychic Surgeon

We talked about the energy bodies. How his personal opinion from doing this work, is that there is a physical body and an invisible spiritual body. But then in between the physical and the spiritual bodies there is a something else. This “something else” is the area he needs to penetrate for the healing. “This might be the soul, I suppose.” he said “something, anyway.”

He then explained that when you go into the physical body you have to through and penetrate this “soul body” and that is where the healing is done. That this is the reason and purpose for accessing the physical body in a psychic healing because it in some way penetrates and heals the “soul body.”

Then we were right into it and Emmi was on the table being prepared for a psychic surgery. I was amazed at how quick this was happening. I had expected loads of preparation work, a ton of prayers and instruction to us, the audience. No, in a matter of minutes Emmi was prepped, her clothes pulled up and down with cloths tucked in like a surgery area prepped and ready for any blood that might be spilled. I stood next to Ambrosio to witness the entire thing. He started with a prayer no more than a minute. It was in Tagalog and I heard her name and the word Christo. It was clearly a prayer to spirit with Catholic overtones. It had a lovely spiritual sound in this beautiful language, I thought.

As soon as he started the prayers, perhaps even before, a wave came over me. This was not unlike the feeling after having surgery at John of God. I felt tied, inexplicably tired. Light headed and with the urge to lie down. Was I feeling faint at the sight of blood? But there hadn’t even been any blood yet. “Oh my God, if I am going to faint at the thought of blood, I’m not going to be very good at this, am I?” I thought, feeling very silly but with still an urgent need to lie down. I fought the urge.

Immediately Ambrosio started working his fingers on the girl’s abdomen. They were going deeper and deeper. Were they just pressing into the soft surface flesh appearing to sink or really starting to go inside? I couldn’t tell yet. Then it came, blood pooling around his fingers. “How could it work this fast?” was my immediate thought. There was no messing around, no more prayers, no more prep, he just went right to it. He had an apparent hole in the area of her sacral chakra.

I was fighting the urge to lay down, stronger now. It was like a spiritual wave of healing had come over me. Either that or the energy was so strong I couldn’t keep my eyes open, couldn’t stay standing. “Was I feeling faint?” I questioned. Not really. It was a different feeling plus I wasn’t one to faint. But still I was having a hard time standing.

On his subject Ambrosio pulled back his fingers replacing the wound with a cotton patch. Leaving the cotton on the abdomen, he moved up to another spot around the Solar Plexus. He repeated the same. Working his fingers around and around as they appeared to sink deeper and then the blood pooling around the tips. The thought did cross my mind of; was he holding some pouch of blood between his finger tips and squeezing the blood down his fingers? If he was, he was extremely proficient at it. I was inches away and couldn’t see any sign of anything artificial.

The third point he was to make a spiritual incision was at the throat. Once again he worked his fingers down into the flesh and within a few seconds it appeared that his fingers were slipping inside and a pool of blood formed in an apparent hole of the neck.

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