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Ketut - Meeting the Healer in Bali

Ketut is actually the name given to any second born son in Bali but this particular one was made famous in the Julia Roberts movie Eat Pray Love. To get to see Ketut one has to take the journey to Ubut. This is a small artsy town about an hour and a half from the airport and many of the popular the beach resorts.

The drive was stunning, with an opulent amount of fine architecture, culture and in particular stone statues of various gods lining almost every highway, street and small town we crossed.

We were told that Ketut is not always able to see people. At 95 years old his health has good days and bad days. Our driver and guide called ahead. We prayed for a good day and we were rewarded with a particularly spritely and happy healer.

Clearly since the book and movie came out, Ketut has become the face of healing in Bali and his time consumed with tourists from all over the world.

As we arrived at his domain, the sign let us know that we were entering his place of healing but also his personal home. It was a sprawling set up that seemed to be a courtyard filled with several buildings and of course statues and offerings throughout. There even appeared to be a central “home temple” inside.

I was surprised that I recognized the center from the movie. Clearly they had authentically shot everything just the way he had been living and working for many years. In fact he was seated waiting for us on the veranda, just as he had read Julia Roberts in the movie.

His energy was beautiful. He smiled and laughed big hearty real loving smiles. He started by reading my face lines (plenty of those to read). Then the lines in my palms. He said the lines of great influence and success a theme that appeared to show up on several areas of my body. I hoped he was correct.

Ketut’s son was there to help if any translation was needed. Although he was difficult to understand his broken English was good enough and his body language said the rest.

He presumed the cameraman Robert was my husband (my partner from John of God Brazil) and continued to make a joke of how he thought I must have a lot of energy for my husband. In fact he said it was in my lines! I think he was just being fun and probably says this to all middle age women who like me probably blush and smile.

He said he was too old and ugly for me and only had one tooth. True he lacked teeth but his face was a beautiful one full of joy and wisdom.

He asked me to turn as he “read” my back and neck. At this point I felt warm chills down my back. I knew he was really doing healing work. Of course he is called a medicine man. I wondered if the “reading” was just light chit chat while he really did a deeper subconscious energy healing for whatever the person really needs. That was my take anyway.

I left in bliss, feeling way more energized and floaty than a palm reading would give you.

I wanted to share this energy, this feeling. So with the intention, I went in search of prayer beads that I might bring home. I found them at a market close to the Elephant Temple and healing waters. These I was told were the “real deal.” Ones made from fruit seeds. A little more than the plain wood beads but well worth it.

Then I set back to return to Ketut. He seemed to know I would be returning. I asked him if I could have a special blessing for my prayer Beads. I was wearing them. He asked me to remove them. He and his son felt them and looked them over. “You know these are sacred prayer beads that we use when we pray to the Gods.” I nodded “These are very nice real ones.” He confirmed.

Ketut took them in his hands. He asked what I wanted them for and I told him for my people at home that could not come and for “good health and Prosperity”.” He smiled and started a mantra. The mantra lasted a minute or two and had the most beautiful energy. My guide told me later that he was talking in Sandskrit.

He placed the blessed beads over my head and the energy sent chills down my spine.

All in all the visit with Ketut was a once in a life time beautiful experience. One I would not have missed for the world. And not only that, I am bringing a little piece of that home with me.

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Ketut is the medicine man from the Julia Roberts movie Eat Pray Love. He's a real healer in Bali. He blessed these for health and prosperity

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