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Ketut, Bali, Eat Pray Love

How can one go to Ubut Bali without visiting the palm reader and medicine man Ketut Liyer. Made famous in the book and movie with Julie Roberts, Eat Pray Love put Ketut and indeed Bali on the spiritual tour map. Yes he is a real person not just a movie character.

I am about to take my first trip to Bali. I plan to explore the beautiful temples all over the island of which there are many. I’ve heard the Balinese make quite extravagant offerings at these temples.

But of course I plan to stop by the famous Ketut!

With one tooth in his head and a sun beaten face, he looks like he’s over a hundred and I think says he has lost track of his age. Clearly a face of wisdom.

There seems to be mixed reviews from people who have visited. Some were less than impressed with their reading that took only a few minutes and said things like, “you will marry have two children and divorce.”

Still I am very excited to sit with this great man of wisdom.

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