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Pendulums To See Energy Imbalances

I find that a pendulum is very reliable in determining health issues or energy in-balances.

  • When you are connecting with spirit, always ask for white light of protection.

  • Hold your pendulum over each of your recipient’s chakras. You may do this is turn, starting at the crown chakra and moving down to the base chakra. If you don’t know what the chakras are see my clog on chakras. If your recipient is laying down, place the pendulum about 4 inches above the head ( their head will be horizontal, your pendulum will be held vertical about 4 inches above the head). For the remainder of the chakras, you may hold the pendulum about 2 inches above the body. For the base chakra, obviously you do not want to place the pendulum between their legs, so place the pendulum below their crotch about 4-6 inches and about 2 inches above the thighs. Have the intention that the pendulum pick up on the base chakra energy.

  • You do not need to do this in order, you can simply check one chakra if you feel you need some guidance on the energy of that chakra.

  • The pendulum acts like a magnet, showing the electric field of the chakra and will rotate in unison with the person’s chakra. So it will rotate at the same speed and direction of the chakra. If it is slow it means that the chakra is slow or slightly shut down. If it is stopped the chakra is completely shut down. If it bounces up and down or is choppy again this is an energy imbalance. A healthy chakra should be rotating at an even energetic place, smoothly in one direction. Healing is needed if the chakra is closed or slow.

  • After checking the chakras on one side, ask your recipient to turn over and recheck them on the other side. The chakras should rotate in the opposite direction as you are now looking at the back side of the chakra.

  • The direction of the chakra is individual to that person. The chakras don’t need to rotate in one particular direction. Some peoples chakras are all clockwise, some all anticlockwise and some have a mixture. As long as they are rotating smoothly and with a good speed they are perfectly healthy.

  • The pendulum is not healing or in any way effecting the energy imbalances it simply acts as a guide to tell you where healing may be needed.

  • You can test your own chakras. It is a little more difficult to hold the pendulum above your own body. You can also check the chakras in your palms. We have small chakras in the center of each palm. It is interesting to check your palm chakras. Those who do healing or energy channeling it is interesting to check your palm chakra before and then once you start channeling energy re-check your palm chakras. You will probably see the energy increase in your palms.


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