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Crystalina, Brazil

I came to Crystalina, a small town in central Brazil to check out the crystal mines it is famous for. Wow! This is incredible.

As we hiked up a short trail we could see that the hills looked like they were sparkling in the sun and as we got closer, we could see they were actually crystals sticking out of the hill side. Then in a valley they formed almost a river bed, as if the rain had washed away the red soft dirt to reveal a stream bed of sparkling quartz crystals, completely untouched and ready for us to pick. I said a little ceremony to thank the land for supplying us these beautiful crystals. The crystals were pure white and clear quartz but also tangerine quartz which is said to have been formed from hematite in the area. In parts a fire had rushed through apparent from the scorched land and there the quartz crystals had been turned yellow from the heat. Some citrine is believed to be heated quartz. The Tangerine quartz is particularily related to the Sacral chakra and so it is thought to help with both relationships and abundance.

There were handfuls of crystal chips everywhere, just scattered on the ground. I felt blessed to have been guided to this place and to experience this in its natural form.

What is amazing is the feeling of standing in this area. It is literally like standing in a huge crystal grid. Almost as if you could feel the connection of the earth’s energy but much more intense than usual. I stood and could feel the energy running up through the soles of my feet and around and back down. And feel that this is a place where one can feel more psychically connected. As if through meditation when you raise your vibration. This is a place where the vibration is already high so you can get to an even higher level.

Crystalina is also now for its amazing amethyst.

Later we stood in a crystal shop amongst giant amethyst columns.

I am going to be bring home some of these beautiful blessings with the blessings of the land.

Get a psychic attunement to this crystal energy and I will mail you a free crystal from Crystalina that I dug out of the ground!

To get a psychic attunement to the energy for Crystalina and receive a free crystal from here click here

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While ascending a little route, we observed the hills gleaming with sunlight, and as we approached, we noticed the presence of crystals protruding from the hillside. tunnel rush


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Kennedy Ira
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