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Setting Goals for Manifesting

  • Write down your Goals – Whether they are commitments to yourself to do better at something or whether there is something you would like to have or achieve, write it down. The act of writing down your goals makes them very clear and the more clear you can make them to yourself, the more clearly your subconscious will hear it.

  • Read your Goals out loud – Find a time when you can be alone and read your resolutions out loud. This has the effect of impressing your desire upon your subconscious. If you can do this daily, it will be all the more powerful.

  • Dream as big as you dare – You are limited only by what you believe you can achieve or by what you believe you can obtain. Make sure you are not limiting yourself by saying, “I couldn’t really do that” or “I don’t think I could get that.”

  • Always speak positively – Even if you want to remove something from your life, make sure you are phrasing it in a positive way. Don’t say, “I want to lose weight.” Say, “ I see myself at the perfect weight, feeling energetic and healthy.”

  • Act like what you want is already here – All that you want to achieve and have is right here waiting for you. I say, “It is on the psychic plane, just waiting to manifest.” Talk about it like it is already there for you and that you are now ready for it to happen in your life.

  • Be open to how it will happen – Don’t be close-minded about how you will achieve something or how something will come to you. For instance, if your resolution is to start your own business this year, don’t set in stone how you will receive the funding and exactly how it will start. Keep focused on the end goal and allow the Universe to steer you there.

  • Daydream about your goals – See yourself doing or having the things you would like in a very positive way. The more often you daydream about your goals, the more quickly they will manifest.

  • Feel deserving – The purpose of life is to experience joy. It is your divine right to have whatever makes you happy. Don’t question if you deserve it–you do!

  • Ask for help – Ask God, the angels, your guides, or whomever you believe in for assistance. We are protected and cared for by Divine energy and we have helpers in spirit just waiting to be asked.

  • Look for the signs – When you have asked for something, take notice of what new opportunities come along. For example, if you are asked to help someone out but don’t really feel like it, perhaps you should do it. Every opportunity may be divinely set up to give you a new outlet that will bring your wish.

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