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John of God Casa Protocols

The experience of going to John of God is one of internal reflection, meditation and still time. It is not an exciting vacation or a tour of Brazil. Be prepared to be there for spiritual healing and set your mind set before you go.

John of God asks that we wear white. This we believe is so that the Entities can read our energy as we come in front of John of God. You can wear colors while in town and at your hotel and not at the Casa unless you have had a surgery and then you will need to wear white as well, so I find you need white for most of the trip.

John of God is at the Casa performing his work on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. This is why I try to take people to arrive on Tuesdays and leave the second Saturday, this way people can experience two weeks of Casa sessions. One week of sessions may leave you feeling that you need more.

You have the opportunity to go in front of John of God twice a day; the morning session that starts at 8 am and the afternoon session starting at 2 pm. Of course you want the opportunity to go into current, so in two weeks you may go in front of John of God several times. However you may get surgery and have to sit out for 24 hours. People who live at the casa spend most of their time in current and very little time going in front of John of God.

John of God asks people to sit in mediation around him and in the outer rooms. This creates a current of energy, John of God calls the current.

John of God First Timer Line

On your very first visit you must first go in front of John of God. (If you have been prescribed herbs from a distance you will proceed to the Second timer line). You will get a free ticket to go in the First Timers line. This line will not necessarily be called first.

You will then be prescribed herbs, or a surgery, or a crystal bed, or told to come back to the next session to see a different entity, or asked to sit in current.

John of God Second Timer Line

After your first timmer visit, any subsequent visits will be called the Second Timmers (even if it is your fifth time). You will get a free ticket to go in the Second Timers line. This line will not necessarily be called second.

John of God Surgery Line

If John of God prescribed a surgery this will be the line you will go in at the next session. This line is almost always called first. No ticket is needed for this line

John of God Revision Line

If John of God preformed a surgery (invisible or physical) you will go in this line 7 days after your surgery. You will get a free ticket to go in the Revision line

The 8am or 2pm Lines

If John of God says come back this afternoon or come back tomorrow, these will be your lines. The Entity is saying there is a reason that you need to come back in line at a different time. These lines will probably not be called at 8am and 2pm this is just the name of the line. No ticket is needed for these lines.

Your guide is there with you to explain more about the various lines and what you have been prescribed to do by the Entity.

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