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The Spirits of John of God

John of God (João de Deus) is a full trans-medium. Healing spirits incorporate within him, which means the spirit uses his body to perform healings. When he is incorporated in spirit and performing spiritual healings, he is called “John of God.” The spirits that work through him are referred to as the Entities. You may hear people talk about seeing the Entity. This means they went in front of John of God or the Entity incorporated that day. When he is not incorporated, he is called Medium João (João is the name John in Portuguese). Medium João goes into a kind of a trance when he incorporates these spirits. He says that he doesn’t remember anything. He simply goes to sleep.

When he starts the session at the Casa in Brazil, Medium João holds the hands of other mediums as he incorporates the spirits. You can actually see João’s features change and his eyes change from brown to blue. There is a beautiful energy that emanates from his body that most can sense as a warm loving aura. John of God incorporates one spirit at a time though you can feel many other spirits present. So while one Entity is in the body of John of God, many hundreds of Entities or spirits are also working at the Casa. Sometimes the Entity changes during a session and you may see John of God’s eyes roll up and back as a seamless transition takes place.

There are regular Entities that incorporate and have become recognizable to the volunteers at the Casa. They each have their own unique personas. Dr. Augusto is a beautiful healing spirit, but he has a strong no-nonsense personality. I, myself, initially thought that I was being reprimanded when he got very excited about my healing. Dom Inácio comes through as a very sweet, gentle, and patient spirit.

When you go in front of John of God, the Entity reads your energy (it helps to wear all white) and decides what you need; such as a spiritual surgery, meditation, a crystal bed session, or perhaps herbs. Sometimes you may be asked to come back at a different time when another Entity will be in session and can better help your condition.

One Entity came in who announced himself by saying, “just call me Love.”

Nearly fifty Entities have been reported to have incorporated at the Casa. Some of them are regulars.

Here are some of the regular entities working through John of God at the Casa

Dr. Augusto de Almeida

Very little is known about his lifetimes, but that he has been a doctor, in the military, and a rubber tapper. He has a strong no-nonsense manner and takes on the most difficult cases. He has said, “I am the one who reaches to the very depths of the abyss to save one lost soul.” When he comes through, John of God’s hair looks slightly darker and he stands tall and thinner. Dr. Augusto is one of the most powerful and most beautiful energies that works through John of God and he is deeply loved by all. He says he is not working as one, but a phalange of thousands work along side him.

Dom Inácio – (St. Ignatius de Loyola)

This beautiful spirit is for whom the Casa is named – the Casa de Dom Inacio. His bust is at the entrance to the Casa and is inscribed with one of his famous quotes, “For those who believe, no words are necessary. For those who do not believe, no words are possible.” Dom Ignacio was the founder of the Society of Jesus, also known as the Jesuit priesthood. When he is incorporated in John of God, his presence is felt as a very loving, sweet, and patient spirit. Above John of God’s chair in the Casa hangs a painting of Dom Inácio with Jesus and Mary.

King Solomon

This very powerful spirit occasionally comes through at the Casa. This was the spirit that first incorporated into João at the Spiritist center where his mediumship first began. When King Solomon comes through there is a very distinctive powerful energy felt. There is a triangle at the Casa dedicated to King Solomon where people can pray and feel his energy.

Other well know spirit healers that incorporate regularly through John of God are:

Dr. Oswaldo Cruz, Dr. José Valdivino, and Dr. José Penteado.

Nurse Sheila

When I was in the infirmary after a physical surgery, I was being taken care of by the volunteers including a doctor, but I also felt the spiritual doctors attending to me. There was a nurse from the 1940s that wandered in to see how I was doing. Her name was Nurse Sheila. She looked European and seemed to be working during a war, probably World War II. She was very beautiful with shoulder length blonde curls, a little like Marilyn Monroe. Other people have mentioned seeing or sensing her, and I believe she is a regular in the infirmary.


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