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Update from the Casa

One amazing week, down another to go. It has been quite a miraculous time in Brazil so far. For the people in my tour but also for many at home joining us in spirit. My group consists of such wonderful souls. It is the first time to see John of God for all of them. Sometimes I have people with life threatening conditions, this group’s primary focus is spiritual enlightenment.

We arrived on Tuesday, just enough time to get acquainted with the casa. Still nothing can prepare you for what you will experience in front of John of God. I remember my first time in front of the entity and how awe struck I was. It is so much fun to lead my group through the doors and in front of John of God. Today spirit Dr. Augusto was in the hot seat.

Some were assigned a spiritual surgery, some asked to do a crystal bed session, some had an appointment for the afternoon with another spirit…. John of God read their energy and the work began. I had all my names with me and photographs for distance healing petitions. I was asked to sit in the entities current room and meditate. I know that many people felt this strong energy on Wednesday morning.

For 3 days I presented photos to John of God (Jose Valdevino, Jose Pantalioni, Dr. Augusto and others). I was asked to sit in current and these petitions were being worked on. The entity prescribed herbs to some and for others I was asked to bring their photo later, perhaps for a different spirit doctor.

On Thursday afternoon the session ran particularly long. Jose Valdevino was the spirit doctor for a part but the lady in the current room said that Dom Inacio came in for a short period. My clients in current confirmed they felt a very overwhelming loving energy that came in.

Some of my clients got a spiritual surgery. I had the blessing to be able to take them into the surgery room and to stay and hold the current. What a job I have!

Those that had spiritual surgery were in for a real treat. They get to stay in their room for 24 hrs where the spirits work on you personally. One of my clients said he was surprised it was so cut and dry. He explained that he asked for 3 things, and although he expected prayer and time, the spirits came right in and fixed the 3 ailments. He explained that he had asked to fix his irregular heart beat, lower his cholesterol and remove trauma from an old injury. Back in his room, a spirit placed a hand on his chest and his heart beat became regular, the cholesterol he will have to wait to check but the third thing was the most miraculous. That night he had a dream about the accident, however this time the outcome was much different as if working through the emotions of the trauma. He awoke with his whole left side in pain as it had been in the accident. After 15 minutes the pain was gone and the trauma and physical issues completely healed!

Today we were at the casa strolling the gardens when John of God just popped in. we were lucky to get a quick snap shot. The medium is so wonderfully giving of his time.

Tomorrow we will be going to the sacred waterfall…. Next blog coming soon.

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