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John Lennon - A touch from the Spirit

We attended a most beautiful Sunday service today at the Casa, home of John of God. Diego runs an informal prayer meeting where all faiths are welcome. This is nothing like boring Sunday church, at least not the kind of church I went to as a kid. Rather all are encouraged to shout out a song in a book which includes up beat Christian songs, songs in Hebrew and Portuguese as well as songs from The Beatles! Some people are brave enough to stand up by themselves and sing Ave Maria or another they’ve written themselves. A group of 4 or 5 musicians led the tunes.

Ron from “The Healing” movie always starts us out by shouting out the song “Let it Be”, my personal favorite. And just as you’re disappointed it’s coming to an end, he shouts “chorus one more time!”

One of my clients bravely volunteered and sang a most beautiful heart opening tune. Another from my group recited a poem that was down-loaded to him from spirit.

I was told Paul Simon visited the casa recently and brought his guitar as a treat for the visitors.

They say that when we think of loved ones in spirit they come around us. That by holding them in our thoughts their energy comes close and that’s when we feel their presence. As we sang “Imagine” by John Lennon I felt a beautiful warm light in the room and a shift of energy, my eyes welling up with a familiar feeling of spiritual presence.

I saw an interview with Paul McCartney recently which quite tickled me. Paul said that John Lennon is still his writing partner. The interviewer looked puzzled and Paul replied that John was his writing partner when he was alive and that even though he is now in spirit he still connects with him and writes! Wow, Paul, thank you for being so open about this.

I believe John Lennon has visited the casa many times and I was certain he was blessing us with his presence this morning. I am sure whenever anyone listens to this, a part of him must be there.

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