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Dos and Don’ts of Spiritual Healing


1. Do believe in yourself - Spiritual healing comes from within. A medium or healer can help you to connect and be open, but the real healer is you. Some healers say they give you energy. Some say they change your energy. But ultimately, they are enabling you to open up and receive something that is inherently yours. Without your willingness and your trust the healing cannot take place. It is your inherent connection to Divine Source or God that creates the healing within you. You are born to be healthy–physically, spiritually, and even financially. You deserve to be everything that you dream you could be. So how do you do this? Spend more time meditating and talking to your guides and angels, talking to God. Trust that you are connected and that the healing comes from within you.

2. Do protect yourself - There are negative energies or influences around us, in our thoughts, in our energy field. There can even be actual spirits of people who have not completely passed into the white light. We need to ask for protection when we connect to the spirit world so that we are not affected by these lower vibrational energies. It is very easy to do. Simply ask for white light, the angels, or God to protect you. Anything negative simply cannot be in a space where you are thinking of such high vibrational light. It is important that you always do this when doing any type of connection to the spirit world, including meditation, so that you are only working with spirits of the highest intention.

3. Do release your triggers - We hold memories in our aura (the energy field around our physical body) and also deep inside our cells. Difficult emotions such as anger, hurt, fear, or jealousy create negative energy around us. If we leave this too long, it can develop into heavy blocks of energy in our aura or even manifest into a physical ailment. When you think about past relationships or early childhood, are there “bad” memories that still irk you today? I term these “triggers.” When you think about something someone said years ago and it still bothers you today, you know you are holding on to something. Look back on your life, your childhood, and your relationships and as negative thoughts come up, allow yourself to process and release them. One method of doing this is to review your thoughts and emotions in your mind. When you come across something painful, do not reject or bury it. Think about it; go deep and then ask for help to release it.

4. Do experiment with what is right for you – Spiritual healing is about finding that thing (e.g., a method, modality, practice) that is going to open up each individual; finding the means that will enable a person to open up to the spirit world, to their Higher Self, and to God. What works for one person may not work for another. Each person will resonate more with certain modalities or healers. One person may love Theta Healing because it works for them whereas another method of healing may not. Sometimes a person can tell us something and we take no notice, but then someone else can say the exact same thing only this time it resonates. Sometimes it is timing. A person is ready to receive a healing only when they are ready.

5. Do meditate often – Meditation is the greatest tool for spiritual connection. It is through meditation that we can connect to our guides and angels. It is through meditation that we can receive guidance on healing our triggers and issues. Meditation does not need to be structured. It can simply be walking by yourself in nature, allowing your brain to zone out, removing the noise and clutter. When we are still and take the time to listen to our inner guidance, it is easier to heal. The spirit world can shift our energy more easily when we are quiet or even when we are sleeping.


1. Don't forget to ask - We have to ask for what we need in order to give our permission to receive assistance. We often ask for help for others through prayer or positive thinking, but we rarely ask for ourselves. We have very powerful guides in the spirit world waiting to help us, but unless we give them permission, they are not allowed to interfere. We choose our own lessons. Everything we are experiencing in our lives, good or bad, we have brought to us. If we want to finish with a lesson and dissolve the karma, we can ask our guides to help us. If, however, they do this for us without our asking, they are actually taking on our karma. So it is not selfish to ask; in fact it protects your spirit guides. Talk to your guides and tell them what you would like to have in your life and what you would like to release from your life. When you start asking, the signs will magically show up.

2. Don't question – When we question or worry about if our healing worked, we are putting out negative, counteractive energies. Trust that what you asked for will come to pass. Have faith and believe. Having faith does not mean you have to be religious; it means you have to trust. You have extremely powerful beings in spirit working with you. Questioning and thinking the healing did not work for you will block the good that is trying to come to you. Often we don’t trust because we have formulated in our mind a particular way a thing is going to turn out. When it doesn’t turn out exactly the way we think it should, then we lose faith. Be open to allowing the healing to occur in whatever way it does. Even if you don't see signs at first, be patient, trust, and believe it is coming to pass.

3. Don't forget the money – We often think healing is just about the physical body. We forget that healing can be emotional and mental as well. But what about abundance? We are supposed to be healthy in all ways, including financial. I know many of you are thinking that this is somehow ungodly, greedy, or that you, in particular, are not deserving. But we were born to be healthy, to live our soul purpose in abundance. We need money to experience life and also to help others. When we experience lack and struggles with money, this is simply negative energy that has accumulated around us. Spiritual healing can help us to remove the financial blocks that so many of us carry in our lives.

4. Don't give your power to others – Often we go to our doctor or spiritual healer and ask for a “cure.” We expect our practitioner to “fix” us and are quite often happy just to turn our lives over to someone that we believe is of a much higher power than us. No one can cure us without our involvement. A spiritual healer, or a doctor for that matter, cannot heal us without our participation. We need to do our part; that is we have to actively participate in our healing through meditation, prayer, or faith. We brought an ailment or difficulty into our lives for a reason. Before we can be healed we need to learn the lesson or accept the gift that it brought us. Perhaps we are not aware of this on a conscious level. However, if we can bring this into a conscious understanding, we are more likely to receive a healing that is not only quicker but also more permanent.

5. Don't give up on doctors – Just because you accept or believe in spiritual healing doesn’t mean that doctors and western medicine should be thrown out the window. A spiritual healing does not always instantly cure something. A spiritual healing prepares the person to draw to them what they need to heal. Yes, this could mean the tumor shrinks and goes away or the ailment disappears. Or perhaps it could be that the person suddenly finds the right doctor or the right medication. A treatment that your doctor has been trying might not be working. However, when your energy is changed and your body is now welcoming the healing, a new treatment may appear or an old medication may now seem to work much better.

Gail Thackray is a Reiki Master and Spiritual Educator. More extensive information on natural healing, well-being, and channeling healing energy can be found in Gail’s Reiki Manuals. Published by Expert Beacon

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