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In Front of John of God

I now find myself about to be face to face with the great spirit that is incorporated in John of God. It is an awe-inspiring moment such as one would expect if they were about to have physical contact with a saint. A moment in time that will be carved blissfully into my memory. I’m slightly nervous but in complete awe.

I’ve been rushed through the Great Hall and into the sacred inner chapel, where John of God is seated. This powerful being is holding court from a large, throne-like chair, adding to the grandeur of my experience. A huge rose quartz crystal adorned with rosaries and other catholic icons separates John of God’s throne from the rest. There is one more first-timer before me. I scan the room. Probably a hundred people are seated in church-like pews. All are deep in meditation, their eyes closed, deep in thought or trance. Some are sitting quietly while others are making facial expressions and hand movements as they communicate with invisible spirits. All are in a world of their own. Closer to John of God, the meditators are seated in more comfortable chairs. These are the Casa mediums, the established energy channelers.

I had heard of these mediums back in Los Angeles, and part of me was thinking that my purpose here was to be chosen by John of God as a medium. I had fantasies that I would be recognized by him and called forward for my talent to heal people. After all, I could communicate with spirits and I was a Reiki Master and healer. Perhaps my purpose here was to take my healing to another level and to heal those in need here. I was soon put in my place.

”Leave your ego at the door!” I was told by Spirit. “You are here for healing, too.”

I am now standing in the aura of this great and powerful being while possessing the ego of a wallflower. “Something so much greater than I, than all of us together,” I thought. “Something completely overwhelming, completely humbling, yet completely loving, is working here.” I feel honored to have this experience.

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