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A Wish at Blessed Waters

For centuries people have reported streams, creeks, wells and other bodies of water that have miraculous healing energies. Places of pilgrimage where one can go to receive a healing, a blessing or a connection to the Divine. Places where you can dip your feet, drink the water or take a loved-one’s photo. Some of these sacred waters are featured in local legends with stories of healing passed through the generations.

Why do they possess such magical powers? Perhaps the answer is they sit on energy lei lines or are overseen by Angels or fairies.

Some of these are connected to a visit of the Virgin Mary and if deemed an official apparition they bring many tourists to the site, taking away the feeling of sanctuary. Thankfully there are many more, lesser known healing waters around the world, several that are extremely powerful.

How can you use the energy of such healing waters?

Go with a wish in mind. A petition to the holy water. It could be for physical healing for yourself or for a loved one. But it can also be emotional or spiritual healing. It could be for a special wish to receive success or to bring in your true love. Make sure it is of good intent and causes no harm to another.

Spend some time at this sacred place, feeling the energy and absorbing its healing power. Try to resonate with the water. Look deeply into it and see if you receive messages. These will often come as thoughts that drift into your mind.

Let the water guide you as to how you need to proceed. Perhaps you will feel guided to place a drop of water on your third eye. Perhaps you will feel guided to place your feet or your whole body in the water. You may be encourage to drink a little or just to sit and contemplate.

You always see when you are not looking. So try to clear your mind, look at the water only indirectly or look through the water. Do not force it, but allow.

Remember to give thanks and be grateful for that you are about to receive. Have confidence that it is right there on the psychic plain just waiting to manifest physically for you. Give back don’t just take. Giving back could be offering, a prayer, a song, a healing or blessing to the water. A crystal may be used as an offering or a strand of your hair. But only give offerings that will disappear with time. In fact some say your wish will come true when your offering integrates to the land. A stone, a crystal or a hair will merge with the land, a plastic trinket will not.

And most of all give with your heart.

When you’ve asked for something it might not come exactly how you imagine, so be open to receiving in anyway it might come. Say yes to all opportunities that come your way over the next few days and look for ways to help others. For the universe is working in synchronicity with you and in the most mysterious ways.

And remember to ask wisely as you just might get what you wish for.

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