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Cleansing Your Crystals

After you have chosen a crystal, or in some cases after the crystal has chosen you, it is necessary to clean the crystal of any inappropriate energy or just energy it has absorbed from you or others.

The John of God crystals are self-cleansing and recharging so they don’t need it but I think it is a good idea anyway. Normally you want to cleanse your crystals at least every 21 days but if you are using them for sessions, you should cleanse after each session. To cleanse a crystal you can do any of the following;

1)Place it in a bowl of rock or sea salt making sure it is covered with salt. If you can leave it over-night especially under a full moon, it would be great but not necessary. Or you can do the same with a bowl of salt water.

2)Do Reiki or other energy cleansing over the crystal asking for it to be cleansed.

3)Place your crystal under running water. I place my crystals in my fresh water stream but if you don’t have access to something like that, then under any running water for about 20 minutes will do.

4)You may smudge the crystal with sage smoke.

5)You may place it in a bowl of holy water.

Do whatever of these cleansing methods feels right to you. You will want to do a quick cleanse between any treatments, even self-treatments. Native Americans believe that you should leave your crystals in red cotton or felt when they are not being used.

Remember your crystals are beings, treat them with love and respect and they will treat you back the same way.

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After you choose a crystal, or sometimes after the crystal chooses you, you need to clean it to get rid of any bad energy or energy it has picked up from you or other people. free games

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