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First Day at the Casa

As John of God enters, there is a distinct feeling of awe to have this powerful man so close and accessible. A feeling of immense love seems to emanate from his body, and every person in the room is captivated by his presence. There is barely a whisper as we each stare in wonderment that such a godly presence is in front of us. Hundreds of people crowd around the small stage, straining their heads for a better view. He addresses the crowd in his native Portuguese, slowly and softly, while several translators summarize for the rest of us. It doesn’t matter if we don’t understand, we’re glued to every word.

Medium João looks like a sweet, very caring, but unassuming soul. The sense is that there is no ego here, just another day in his selfless devotion to the work of God. He beckons for some of his regular mediums to come close and hold his hands. He then bends over as if in pain and gasps loudly, sucking in air. One would immediately rush to his aid if this hadn’t been something he had been doing twice a day for decades. As Medium João stands up straight, his eyes roll back and up to the ceiling before returning to the normal position. Something very special is happening. It is clear that this is now “John of God,” a powerful healing spirit, directing Medium João’s physical human body.

Have I just witnessed a direct channeling of a spirit going into and incorporating in a human body? There is now a completely different presence on the stage. A highly advanced and enlightened being of a completely different persona is now addressing us. An energy glow appears to emanate, like a massive golden aura that seems to radiate twenty feet in all directions. “Can anyone else see this?” I wonder. I am certain everyone can at least sense this warm, loving energy field. John of God’s eyes look glazed over, and he doesn’t appear to be using them to focus on anything. I was not close enough to see today but would later confirmed that his eyes do in fact change from brown to a surreal aqua blue that would indicate the soul in occupancy is in fact from another world.

Each session one spirit incorporates into John of God. There are the main spirit workers. These twenty or more “regulars” are pretty recognizable to those at the Casa. Other spirits incorporate less often. They are all benevolent light workers. Each spirit has its own personality—after all, they were all different people in life. Sometimes a person may even be asked to come back another day when a more appropriate spirit for the person’s healing will be incorporated.

Two volunteers are brought up on the stage. Both look like they are under some kind of spiritual trance. As John of God prepares his first volunteer for an eye-scraping surgery, he invites any medical doctors and film crews to come close so that they can see the operation in full detail. John of God is presented with a tray of a few “surgical” items, though there is a definite lack of sterilized gloves and protocol. Slowly, deliberately, and somewhat trance-like, John of God takes what appears to be a simple kitchen knife and begins to scrape the man’s eyeball. The man does not flinch. A Swiss doctor is standing inches away, excitedly commenting on the operation. He can hardly believe what he is seeing, as it goes completely against his medical training.

After completing the first “surgery” John of God takes his next volunteer, positions him firmly against the wall, and lifts up the man’s shirt, exposing his abdomen to the crowd. John of God now takes a surgical knife. This one at least appeared to be in a sterile wrapper. Then, with no anesthetic and no surgical gloves, the performing doctor in-spirit makes an incision in the man’s abdomen. John of God places two fingers deep into the incision and seems to wiggle them around in the man’s flesh. He completes the operation with a surgical needle and thread.

Even toward the back of the room, straining to see between people’s heads, I am convinced that there is no kind of trickery involved. And seeing that they encourage anyone who wants to come close, including doctors and filmmakers, I am further assured. The volunteers are quietly laid down on a medical gurney and led off to the recovery area. Without stopping for applause or explanation, John of God slowly and deliberately turns to enter his Entity room, where he will take a seat and see hundreds of people in turn. The rest wait in the Great Hall to be called into line.

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