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Crop Circle Interview with a Pilot

One of my most convincing interviews was that of Tony Hughes a local pilot at the ultra-light center. The micro light aircraft center was our new base of operations. We had discovered that air scouting for new formations was definitely the way to go. The pilot Tony agreed to talk on camera. Tony was completely of the same opinion as Terry the Druid until one day changed his mind. You see the ultra-light center wasn’t really an aerial crop circle tour as we were using it for. It was a legitimate flight school, operating mostly for students learning to fly. One day Tony was out flying a student. He made a side note to me that as a pilot he was accustomed to constantly scouting the fields below. The fields he knew every inch of by now. They set off on their usual flight training loop. Tony noted the fields below as they headed west. No more than fifteen minutes later they were headed back over the same route now headed east. But this time something very unusual happened. There in the field they had just passed only minutes earlier, was a huge crop circle. He knew it could have been no more than 15 minutes. He knew exactly the field and he was certain there had been no circle there before. He could see no signs of any parked vehicles nearby. What he didn’t know was how this had possibly happened.

I liked this interview. Tony was definitely credible and wasn’t in anyway a circle enthusiast nor expert. He himself hadn’t believed in the phenomena until he saw this. And even now he wasn’t going to give an opinion on the subject, other than he just knew he had seen what he had seen.

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