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Glastonbury Abbey

King Arthur & Guinevere

Of course the center piece of Glastonbury is The Abbey. Once the most valuable parish in all of England. Now this ruined abbey seeped with history mostly boasts tranquil gardens that seems to attract those seeking a quaint place where one can sit quietly and reflect. The story goes that Joshua, the uncle of Jesus, once stopped here and a small chapel was built in his name. This humble church was the original place of worship that would much later become the abbey. Of course the big draw was in the year 1190 when the monks discovered two lead lined coffins filled with great “treasures.” The inscriptions read in Latin, “Here lies the bodies of the great King Arthur and his wife Guinevere.”

When news spread of the discovery. Pilgrims came from far-away lands to visit the little chapel which grew and grew to become the largest and wealthiest church in all of England. Though it was pointed out to me that the monks hid the coffins and the treasure for “safe keeping” which they never did reveal. Even today there is no sign of these caskets. Did perhaps these monks in 1190 devise a very ingenious marketing plan?

True or not, many travelled to this special place to visit the grave of King Arthur seeking to receive what power it might hold. For hundreds of years this was a place of pilgrimage that brought many riches to the abbey. Not only did this grand and spectacular abbey become a place many wanted to visit, Glastonbury Abbey and its wealth became a place coveted by many others. Unfortunately, in the time of Henry the Eighth, it became an object of desire for the king himself. In fact the Abbey became a prime target for the King and when he attacked the Catholic Church. Henry looking at its riches, ordered his men to seize the abbey and strip it of its treasures. The king tortured many of the monks to divulge the caskets and treasures of the legendary King Arthur. The monks never did and in retaliation the King ordered his men to set fire to this magnificent abbey. This was the end of its spectacular reign. The abbey was burned, the wealth gone and many lost their lives.

So today one feels mixed energies among the ruins. Those of an abbey that lived in grandeur for centuries but also the sad fall and ending. It is certainly still a beautiful ruin. Although you can imagine it in its prime and glory it also seems to hold much darkness and secrecy.

I sat a moment by the sites where the caskets of King Arthur and Guinevere were supposedly found. This place still held serenity, peace and a feeling of awe and wisdom. I wondered if Arthur and his wife were really found here. Or was I perhaps just sensing the thousands of people that must have come to pay homage to this sacred place. Either way, whether projected feelings or not, the place felt very sacred. For those wishing to connect with the wisdom of King Arthur or the goddess energy of Guinevere this is a place one can feel the vibration. I found my clients easily slipped into past lives here.

If you want to connect with the King Arthur and Guinevere energy, just sit a moment and meditate.

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