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Chalice Well Glastonbury

Many of the great healing water sites like Lourdes of France have become overly populated and touristy, which takes away the experience one is looking to obtain.

Thankfully there are many more, lesser known healing waters around the world, several that are extremely powerful. One of my most favorite places in the world is that of Chalice Well.

Set in Glastonbury, England, a place rich with energy Lei lines and vortexes and filled with the legends of King Arthur and the “Knights of the Round Table.” The story of this Well reads the Holy Grail was once hidden in here and ever since then, the waters have been turned into magical healing waters. So for centuries people have visited this Well to drink and bathe in the water to receive healings and make wishes.

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But is this just a legend and wishful thinking for those who say they were healed?

Strangely enough the well has some very unique features. The water that flows from the well is clearly a deep rusty red. This is due to the iron content in the water being very high. But this is unique to the area. There are no other red springs like this anywhere in the surrounding region.

A twin healing water, the “white well” is another well also noted for its healing power just a few steps way, yet this one runs regular clear water. Another mysterious thing is the well never runs dry. There have been times over the years when there has been a drought and other local streams and wells have all dried up. Yet the Chalice Well has never run dry.

A sanctuary has been built around the well waters which enhances the sacred nature of the place. Beautiful gardens surround the waters with little rambling pathways. An air of silence or quiet whisper is kept which encourages one to spend the time in meditation and connection to the spiritual nature of the earth. As the water flows through the well it passes over a series of fountains and wading pools nestled in between shrubs and flower beds. A glass sits under the mouth of a lion fountain that encourages one to drink the sacred healing water. The red color might put some off drinking it, not me! Of course I did and I could taste a slight metallic iron residual. A shallow rectangular pool is where you will find the odd visitor with their feet dipped in the water. Though I must admit the water was crisp and chilled.

The Well itself is highly regarded as sacred. You will be lucky to find this without others. Still people are respectful and especially here barely a word is ever whispered. Many will sit in mediation around the open well cover. You will almost always find it beautifully covered with garnets of fresh flowers.

Even for those not so energy sensitive, it is hard for anyone to say this place does not have an effect on them.

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The Well is well esteemed for its holy nature. You will be fortunate to encounter this in alone. In this context, individuals continue to exhibit a high level of respect, with less verbal communication occurring. geometry dash online

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