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Witches and Spells / Legends of Wookey Cave

Halloween is a perfect time for a wiccan spell

Legends of witches and spells takes us to a small town, Mendip Hills, near Wells in Summerset England to the cave “Wookey Hole.”

The story goes there was once a beautiful woman who was scorned in love. She knew the art of magic and started casting spells in revenge. Her evil, bitter ways made her grow old long before her time and she retreated to a cave of solitude where she could carry out her black magic. The cave became her witches’ lair where she lived with a goat and a dog. She was known as the Witch of Wookey Hole and no one dare enter her witches cave. It’s here she would cast potions and spells. But what most irked her was people in love. When lovers passed by her cave she would scorn them and send them evil vibes.

One day a young couple came by. They were soon to be married. Watching them the witch became enraged and quickly made a potion to untangle their love. It worked and soon the couple split. The young man named Benedict was heart-broken and turned to a life as a monk at the local Glastonbury Abby.

Such became her reputation the villagers got angry and turned to the Abby for help. Monk Benedict heard of the witch and how she had broken the hearts of many couples with her spells and magic. He realized she was the one that broke him with his true love.

With Holy water in hand he set out to confront this witch himself. On entering the cave she screamed at him “How dare you enter my cave! No one dare come here.”

Quickly he threw the Holy water on her and exorcised the evil spirit within. Smoke lifted from her body and in an instant she was turned to stone. From that moment on the Witch of Wookey Cave can be seen as a stone where she shall remain for all eternity.

Today you can visit the cave and see the witch of stone standing there. It’s actually a stalactite in the perfect shape of a witch.

Still strangely enough in 1912 bones of a female skeleton were found in the cave along with those of a dog and a goat. Today this skeleton can be found in the local Wells and Mendip Museum. The skeleton is thought to be about 1000 years old. Was this the skeleton of an evil witch? Or perhaps just an elderly misunderstood woman that lived in the cave with her goat and dog? Either way it seems there is at least some truth to the legend.

Archeologists have since discovered that these caves have actually been used by humans for 45,000 years, evidenced by the discovery of tools from this period, along with the fossilized animal remains. It seems they were occupied by people through the Stone Age, Iron Age and into Roman Britain, long before the legend of the Witch of Wookey Hole.

Today, hordes of visitors come through on tour. It is a most beautiful carven with the River Axe gently passing through and streaks of crystals in the limestone walls.

What do I feel? There is still a strong attachment of a female presence there. I don’t believe she was evil. But I do believe she had strong psychic powers and would likely have used them for both good and bad. I think she stays there energetically connected and earth bound and although it is beautiful and almost serene, I certainly wouldn’t want to enter at midnight.

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