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Merlin’s Tomb

So excited about visiting Merlin’s Tomb and The Fountain of Youth. Can we connect with the magical energy of Merlin? Can we receive eternal youth at the Fountain of Barenton?

Located in the ancient forest of Brocéliande (Forest of Paimpont), in Brittany, Northern France. This area is filled with history and legends of King Arthur and his great magician, Merlin. This forest is said to house magical powers and enhance the psychic abilities of those that visit.

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Get a distance attunement at Merlin’s Tomb or a healing at The Fountain of Youth

Legend has it that it is here that Merlin fell in love with Viviane, who was from the fairy realms (the Lady of the Lake who raised Sir Lancelot). Whenever Merlin could, he would leave the court of King Arthur to visit Viviane, in the forest of Brocéliande. Viviane was very interested in Magic and persuaded Merlin to teach her. He did teach her much magic and she became very powerful. She didn’t want Merlin to leave and begged him to stay. When it was time for him to return to King Arthur, she used the magic she had learned to imprison him in nine invisible rings - a prison of air and he was trapped here for eternity. It is in this forest that Merlin’s Tomb resides supposedly within a prison of air.

To look at Merlin’s Tomb is not that impressive. Simply a small mound with two large stones erected side by side. But nether-the-less the powerful energy is the reason people come here. Some actually feel the magnetic lines or ley lines that run through this sacred site and even seem to vortex here.

Centuries ago a row of huge sacred stones formed the entrance to Merlin’s Tomb but treasure hunters toppled the stones and all that remains are the small entrance stones. Still for those sensitive to energy this doesn’t take away from its magnificent power.

It is likely that Merlin’s Tomb was erected on an energy vortex that was probably a sacred energy site for thousands of years before.

Now when you visit the site you find petitions, prayers and offerings from people who feel and know how to work with the energy as well as curious visitors making a “wish.”

The Fountain of Barenton, also called the Fountain of Youth is close by but apparently much more difficult to find. It is said you will only find it if you are pure of heart and worthy of its power. Here legend has it that Merlin first met Viviane and fell in love. It is also the fountain where she supposedly turned the old man back into a young man and they would be forever young together.

Will we find this magical fountain and will we turn back our aging clock?

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