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Ancient Burial Mound Visited by ETs

Ancient Burial Mound Visited by ETs

I was shooting Spiritual Journeys in the UK when I got talking to a lady named Janet. I asked her most interesting experiences she told me about a nearby place West Kennet Long Barrow an ancient burial mound. Janet had gone to mediate at night inside the burial mound. At about 10pm no less! (I was in awe of her bravery already). On entering the tomb-like cave she saw a man already there, sitting meditating. He appeared tall and thin. I suppose there were others that would do this at night too. She entered one of the chambers off to the side and meditated there for quite sometime. When she came out the man was still there. The man rose and was extremely tall with blond hair and stunning blue eyes, strikingly beautiful. “There are a lot of spirits in here tonight.” He remarked to her.

“Yes.” she said.

He handed her a candle. She was awe struck by the beautiful energy from this man and the glow around his body. She left thinking what a beautiful person. It wasn’t until a few days later she happened to read something on pleiadian aliens. It suddenly dawned on her. This beautiful man was not a man at all, rather a pleiadian.

Intrigued by Janet’s story of the Pleiadians in the burial mound. The West Kennet Long Barrow was one place I wanted to visit before leaving the area.

Situated in the heart of ley line county, this barrow is a stone’s throw from Avebury Stone circle and sits at the top of a hill over-looking many other sacred sites.

We decided to make the trip first thing in the morning. A little less scary than going at night, I thought. It was quite a hike up the hill and I was glad it was daylight and on such a beautiful sunny day. You needed to meditate a good while after that climb, just to catch your breath!

The barrow is a huge long mound of dirt which archaeologists say is a Neolithic tomb. Of course now covered in grass, it blends in with the landscape giving the appearance of a strange raise at the top of the hill. It is thought to be an ancient burial mound dating back to 3600 BC (400 years before Stonehenge). It is the largest of its kind with a length of about 300 feet. One small end was opened and excavated in 1859, during which they found at least 46 burials from babies to adults. Infrared scans of the mound show there are many remains within the rest of the mound.

Huge stones resembling one of the Stonehenge T like sets, is placed at the entrance. Two standing upright and one across the top. Then other large stones are hidden behind. They call it a “false entrance” as you actually enter from the side of these great stones.

You can enter into the small area that has been excavated. Once inside it is like a small cave with four individual pods or chambers and a slightly larger back cave. The individual “pods” only fit one person, maybe two and were originally part of the catacombs, in other words they held several dead. Of course the remains had long since been removed. In the larger cave at the back, four or five people could sit in mediation. I sat in an individual pod. It was damp and rather like a natural cave but actually had a very nice peaceful sense about it. I noticed a nest of baby birds and figured it must have nice energy. A swift flew in to attend to her babies. To say this once held dead people, it wasn’t spooky, it had a more sacred but warm feeling. I believed many had used this as a mediation place. The energy was lovely. Perhaps afterwards or even during use, this was not only a burial place but a place of divine connection with beauty and peace.

I decided this looked like a great place to do healing and I asked Pam if she wished to partake. Then I did a small healing circle with my clients in the back cave. This was a place to leave and “burry” things that no longer served us. First we invoked Divine protection. Then I asked my clients to think about things they were holding onto that they wanted to release. Emotional issues, negative feelings but also physical ailments. I instructed them to blow their worries into a stone from the cave floor and place it into the crevices with the intention of leaving these issues behind.

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Afterwards, I had a moment to myself. I asked to connect with the Pleiadians. I felt my guide, Blaji and a warm loving sensation of many others by my side. I sensed them in a spiritual way, I didn’t actually receive a physical apparition of any kind. Still I felt there were many other beings here and that this was a place of spiritual worship for beautiful benevolent beings from this dimension and many others. I asked if they were connected to the crop circle formations in the area. I psychically got a strong “yes.”

I went outside to sit on top of the mound, looking over the other ninety percent that remains covered, I meditated a while. I felt the sacred energy but did not connect in a clairvoyant way with the dead. It felt these beings were ancient souls and had long since been reincarnated. So it didn’t have the same sensation as say a church grave yard. Still we all sent prayers and blessings to the universe. Then we made a small offering from wheat ears I’d collected in crop circles, sage, stones and other natural items from the area. We sat a while and enjoyed the glorious view. We could scan the horizon for miles. We were blessed with a 360 degree view of beautiful British rolling hills and sunshine to boot.

We said some final prayer of gratitude, left our worries at the mound and headed down the hill. When we arrived at the bottom of the hill about an hour later we were met by an excited group of folks on their way up. It was then we heard the news – there was a brand new crop circle that had just arrived. It was just below the West Kennett Long Barrow and visible from the mound! We looked at each other. We had just been there and clearly it wasn’t there an hour ago! It was incredible to think that in just moments a huge crop circle had been formed and right in the very spot we had been watching. Perhaps the beings that created it were even listening to us.

The only thing that can be said for sure is there is an awful lot of all kinds of spiritual experiences happening in this part of England.

Have you ever visited a site like this? Please comment and ask me questions here.

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