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The Glastonbury Tor

The Glastonbury Tor & King Arthur Legends

We wake up early, a beautiful morning in Glastonbury. John and I have arranged to hike up the Tor early, so hopefully we can find it less visited. The Tor is a sacred torence erected at the top of a huge natural hill. It stands out as a beacon, land marker for the area and from the top you can look over the English countryside for miles. History tells you the Tor is a chapel but this site was worshipped as sacred ground for thousands of years before that. It looks more like a tower than a chapel. Famous for its arched entrance on two sides, there is only a small passageway between, about the size of a small room where one can sit and meditate after the long climb. Above the arch, the Tor rises up like a church steeple.

To get to the Tor is quite a steep climb up the mountain, but well worth it. We were right, as we approached the top of the hill with the majestic Tor in sight, we found ourselves completely alone. A crisp, still morning, the mist was just lifting across the beautiful English countryside and we could see for miles around.

It was here that John tells me his extraordinary experience. We’ve been hanging out for a respectable couple of weeks now, so he feels comfortable that he can reveal something weird. Still he prefaces with “I’m not sure this is anything, and I know there has to be a logical explanation but….” He goes on to tell me a very intriguing story: On his way home to his apartment in Glastonbury he often takes the same route. That is one that has a beautiful view of the Tor looming in the distance, reminding him that he’s 20 minutes from home. John lives a stone’s throw away from the Tor, literally across the road from the bottom of the hill.

On this particular night it was a cold British winter night. As John drives the familiar road home, he spots the Tor in the distance as usual. But unusually, the Tor is lit up. There is a very bright light clearly in the arch way of the Tor. John knows there is no one manning the Tor and no one in their right mind would go up there in this weather at night! Immediately he jumps to the conclusion that it is something quite normal, that it is a film crew up there shooting a movie. This apparently was not that unusual as it provides a prime vista for movies and has been featured in quite a few. John presumes it is one of their movie dome lights, extremely strong film lights. In fact the light he’s looking at under the arch is lighting the entire area. And it is clearly coming from under the arch of the Tor. He can see the arch of the Tor vividly lit and the outline of the arch very clear. “I wonder what movie they’re shooting?” John pondered with his eyes glued on the Tor. Then all of a sudden something totally unexpected happened. The light flew off! A vivid bright ball of white light shot out from the arch and sped across the vista. John excitedly described how fast it must have been travelling. He was extremely impressed that in about a second it was travelling over the horizon of the next town over. This was at least 10 miles away! John exclaims “That must have been about 10 miles in a second!!! What could fly that fast?” But then he stops himself and tries to pretend he’s not too convinced as he suggests the theory of ball lightening. “I mean there has been reports of lightening appearing like a ball of bright light and moving at a tremendous speeds.”

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“But you said it was under the arch for a long time how could this be lightening?”

“Yes, I know, that was the strange thing, I saw it under the arch for several minutes before it flew off!” He was clearly impressed by the distance it travelled. “I know that town is at least 10 miles away and it was there in less than a second!” Still he didn’t want to appear weird or like some convinced UFO buff, he needed to have that logical explanation as a back-up. I asked if anyone else saw it. Apparently no one mentioned it that night apparently he was the only one. Still there had been numerous other sightings, of strange lights and other phenomenon associated with the Tor. So numerous the Tor has become a well-known hot spot and an interesting focus for UFO visits.

“If it does have a lot of UFO activity here, why would they be so interested in this particular place, is it on a ley line too?” I inquired

“Oh, yes, very much so.” replied John. In fact John believes this was a pagan site, long before it became a Christian chapel. That the Pagans worshiped this area because of the energy they could feel. Of course many early Christians chose sites to build chapels where a pagan worship site already existed. Many of the churches built a few hundred years ago are built right on top of earlier sacred sites.

This Tor was not actually a chapel. The chapel had been struck by lightening and burned to the ground and replaced with this current Tor.

But for those King Arthur fans, this place is very sacred ground. Some believe king Arthur may be buried under the Tor. Others that he was buried a short walk away in Glastonbury Abbey. According to legend, King Arthur and his knights are only “sleeping.” Sleeping under the Tor of Glastonbury and will jump back to action when “England is at its hour of need.” So could this be the final resting place for King Arthur?

John believes that King Arthur is an amalgamation of three different historical players: The Arthur in Cornwall, the Arthur in Glastonbury and one in Ireland. But fitting with the Arthur legend, close to the Tor runs the river Cam. By this river is a flat raised area who’s description fits perfectly with the legend of the town of Camelot. Could this indeed have been Camelot?

Glastonbury has another name “The Isle of Avalon.” It is no longer surrounded by water but in history Glastonbury was actually mostly under water. So a few hundred years ago, Glastonbury really would have looked more like an island. The Tor would have been a natural mound reigning out above the water. Avalon was also the ancient name for apple and Glastonbury is famous for its apple trees. So was this the place where the legendry Isle of Avalon, Camelot and King Arthur stems from?

Could King Arthur in fact be here? I believe his spirit definitely was, whether his body was close by or not.

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