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Where are Crop Circles From?

Where do they come from?

Our search took us hiking up the hill to another beautiful carving. Standing in the white chalk, the eye of the horse, we scanned the horizons. Fields for miles all around. A beautiful sunny day and glorious fields all around but otherwise nothing seemed unusual. We were about to give up, when we noticed a speck in the distance; someone walking in a field below. Yes, several people walking around in a field. This had to be it. Finally we had found one!

Arriving at the foot of the formation we were greeted by a crop circle enthusiast who asked for a $3 donation to a local charity for entrance. This was a small price to pay to fend off the harvester. It was the “Dream Catcher” formation. An aerial photo of the beautiful design gave us an idea of what we were stepping into. As I stood at the edge of the formation, I knew something was special. Finally I had arrived at a circle. Even Terry had to admit he was a little impressed.

There were cut rows in the field made by the tractors which gave us easy entrance to the formation. We walked up the tracking row in the crops, closer and closer to the formation. A white butterfly joined and flew along side of us. I am aware that butterflies are easily manifested by spirits and are often a sign from someone on the other side. What I didn’t know was this little white butterfly was about to show up at every single crop circle I visited.

Suddenly everything seemed eerily still. Just a slight buzzing through the crops, like being close to an electric pylon. An air of stillness that makes the hairs on your arm stand up and just a knowing or feeling that the energy was getting stronger and stronger.

As we got closer to the formation a strange pulsing vibration rippled through my body in waves. A slight pressure on my chest. We were now standing right at the edge ready to enter. I asked my guides for some white light of protection, just in case. Now it was time to take my first step into a crop circle formation. I looked at the crops laying in front of me, beautifully and precisely formed.

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On entering, I felt there was an energy pull, a direction I needed to walk. That is, to walk with the direction of the laying crops, not against. Going with the flow seemed natural, going against just didn’t feel right. The crops lay carefully with purpose. Some in one direction, some in another and in places the crops would intersect. I remarked on camera, if it was made by aliens, it couldn’t be made by any type of spaceship pressing down as that would surely smash it. It couldn’t be a ship landing with a swirling wind beneath, as this would create a flow only one way and certainly not so perfect. I had the urge to walk in the direction of the energy. I felt a push back or a feeling that I was doing something wrong whenever I took a step the other direction.

Being there seemed strangely familiar. When I meditate and connect to the other side or spirit world, my energy raises. That is, I go to a place of higher vibration, where I feel my cells vibrating a little higher and a little faster allowing my spiritual body to raise up. Then loved ones in spirit have to lower their vibration so we can meet somewhere in the middle and connect. This is the way spirit communication works for me. I believe spirits vibrate at a higher frequency than us and to connect we need to raise our frequency and they need to lower theirs. Here it felt similar, like I had been meditating for sometime. As if I was stepping into an energy field where I felt my energy was instantly raised. Just as in spirit communication, if you are not grounded it can feel a little disorienting. A sort of light headed feeling. I was getting this same floating sensation, with a little dizziness. Though it was quite a nice peaceful feeling. I had heard people report of sometimes getting headaches in crop formations. I knew that feeling all too well as a sign of spiritual overload. I could see how some may feel uncomfortable however this wasn’t too over powering. It just felt pleasant to me.

The energy definitely seemed to get stronger towards the center. This design also had little pods of separate circular formations. Each pod had its own vortex, like a spiral of energy getting stronger and again stronger towards the center. Then coming to a point in the center of the pod where the energy went straight up and down. Like a portal of energy. Where exactly the energy went in the center I wasn’t sure, perhaps to another dimension.

I felt the desire to sit in the center or lay on the crops with my head in the middle. My head was spinning ever so slightly, yet I felt in a high state of connectivity. I felt it would be easy to connect with my guides and spirits here. I could feel my own loved ones and guides close to me. I asked my spirit guide, Blaji to be present with me. Blaji is a healing guide who I met a few years earlier and became aware she was working with me. Although she looks like a beautiful woman, she revealed to me, she was not actually of this Earth but rather Paleiadian. She appears to me as a most beautiful young blonde woman, almost angelic. I felt her strongly here among the crops. We sat a while together. I was just taking it all in. She seemed at ease here. I asked “Who made this crop circle?” In her answer I couldn’t sense directly an individual maker, rather a collective consciousness of benevolent energy.

“What was this formation trying to tell us?” I wondered. It did look like a dream catcher. “Were we being told to look to the ways of the Native American? What did the Dream Catcher symbol mean exactly? Could we use a picture of the formation to connect with the energy of this circle? And did this particular circle have a particular message for us?” I was well aware that energy can be transmitted through many media and across all time and space. “Could people at home looking at a picture receive this energy? Could they feel it from just reading about it?” I had the names of all my spiritual group, emails and Facebook friends that I carried in my healing pouch and I placed it at the center point. I wondered if they felt it.

The energy flowed easily through me. I had the feeling that channeling healing would be very advanced here. Here knew here was the perfect place to connect energetically to others at a distance. So with this in mind, I did some long distance psychic opening attunements for my clients back home. I simply used a rock I chose from the ground, to anchor their energy. Then I used sacred Reiki symbols on the rock bringing that person into the here and now. Merging all time and space so that my client was in the formation with me at that very moment. I connected in with the spirits here and asked for my client to receive an attunement to this energy. I believed this attunement would help to more strongly connect them to the spiritual powers here, even though they couldn’t actually be here. If a person’s third eye could be opened and enhanced, surely this was the place to do it. I noted the time, wondering what my clients were doing at that very moment and if they felt it.

I thought about my dream back home. I suddenly could envision a huge ball of energy underneath me coming out of the ground. I could imagine this Dream Catcher formation in 3D. A translucent sphere made of an intricate web of energy lines. Glistening in the sun as if made of white light only visible as it sparkled at certain angles. The design was surrounding me, above me and below me in fact running though me. I could see the invisible energy lines, now just slightly visible continuing the beautiful design. I was no longer sitting on top of a pattern, I was sitting in the center of an energy sphere. I wasn’t sitting on a formation, I was inside it. It was all around me and I was part of it. Now I saw the big picture!

I felt this massive energy orb was made of energy patterns. The design was a representation of their energy at the moment it passed through the Earth. For instance when you photograph orbs, you may notice that they are filled with patterns. If we could photograph our own energy we could also see ourselves as energy patterns. These patterns are going to change if we are happy and then change again if we are sad. I started to get it: the imprint of these giant orbs is not a static footprint, rather their energy is constantly changing. The pattern left in the crop is only their energy at that precise moment. This energy print is three dimensional, a complete sphere of energy. It’s just that we could only see that portion on the ground with our eyes. The rest was an invisible energy dome, above and below with an equally intricate energy pattern. Now I saw the crop circles more clearly as three dimensional spheres. We were seeing the design as a thin sliver through the middle diameter, but really the pattern was throughout a complete sphere.

But still, where did this orb of energy come from? Was it extraterrestrial? This certainly felt other worldly. My mind drifted. I had the feeling this came from another dimension. Passing through our space and time only for a brief moment. I imagined it leaving an “energy print” as it whizzed through our reality. Then my mind drifted further to Einstein and his interpretation that time is not linear. I mused at the possibility that we live in multiple dimensions and that this particular one is only one of infinite possibilities. That there is no past nor future, that time is simply an illusion that we create right now at this moment in our mind. I wondered if there might be a place within this sphere where one could loose time or time travel. If one could be transported through a vortex or portal.

Two little fairies broke my moment of reverence. They were local youngsters dressed in pink tutu outfits carrying wands. “Oh my gosh!” I announced to them “I think I am seeing beautiful fairies.”

“We’re the crop circle fairies!” they announced.

So cute.

I felt a little time here alone and I might see real ones.

I wondered and in fact I asked; “Who made you? Where did you come from? What is the message here?” I didn’t get much of an answer, just that it would take time. It had been a long day and we had made more progress than we could have dreamed of. I needed a good night’s sleep to absorb the day.

If you can’t come to the crop circles, feel the energy from a distance. Get a distance attunement inside the crop circle- just sign up for a distance healing or attunement and let me know that you want it from the middle of a crop circle!

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