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Take a beautiful Spiritual Tour with Gail

It is my passion to travel the world and experience great spiritual places and meet extraordinary people. I will be filming several of these adventures for my series “Gail Thackray’s Spiritual Journeys” and I invite you to come along. Whether you want to be a client on camera or prefer to stay behind the scenes if you are adventurous, you’ll have a great time. Or join me on one of my retreats. Learn how to develop your intuition, communicate with spirits or how to empower your life. All at incredible locations in paradise






John of God Brazil Trips 

       Several Dates


Change your life on a spiritual journey. 12 days in Brazil with the healer John of God. Experience several personal healing sessions with John of God. Some people come with physical issues but many come more for spiritual enlightenment. Not a sight-seeing vacation but this is a life changing beautiful experience.



Price: $2,150 

Bali Tour   

Nov 8-15 2016

A week in paradise and fantastic sight-seeing trip. Experience the beauty and culture of sacred Bali. Meet and get “treatments” from the Balinese spiritual healers. Tour Incredible scared temples, healing waters, hot springs, waterfalls, jungle and tons of culture. Ride an elephant. Also get a reading from Ketut from the book/movie “Eat Pray Love.”


Price: $2,995

Purchase Bali Tour and Philippine Healers together for $4,495  

July 2015

Saint Francis Italy Tour    Details to Follow interested email


Spend 8 days touring Italy. Visit the birth place of Saint Francis and connect with his beautiful energy. Visit the Cathedral of Miracles and many other spiritual sites. Other saints and icons in Italy.


Price: $3,333


Nov. 28th - Dec. 5th

Costa Rica Retreat     


Open up your psychic abilities, learn to communicate with spirits of loved ones on the other side. Develop intuition and connect with your angels and guides. All at a beautiful resort in Costa Rica. Also includes trips to a waterfall and other sites in Costa Rica.


Price: $2,500 



Philippine Healers

April 8th – 15th   2015

Ended, if you are interested in a future tour please email



Visit the psychic surgeons of the Philippines. Attend a healing session with Anthony Vivero then spend several days learning Magnetic Healing from the psychic surgeon Ambrosio. For those serious about experiencing and learning spiritual healing. Not a sight-seeing trip. I will also be teaching spiritual healing while there. You will receive psychic surgery.

Price: $2,995


Bali Tour and Philippine Healers together for $4,495  



Crop Circles UK  Ended interested another trip email

Possible Tour July 2015 if enough interest

Join us on a crop circle chasing adventure as we film this incredible phenomena. An action packed trip with visits to the stone circles and spiritual sites of England.  Meet local druids and experts in the UK. Psychic attunement at a crop circle and stone circle.


Price: $2,995

Purchase UK crop circles and Italy together for discount 

You can reserve your ticket now by clicking the More Details button....



France Tour  Ended  Interested in  another trip?  




Spend 8 days touring France. Visit Brittany at the time of the annual festivals of the stone circles. A very exciting and spiritual time to be in Northern France.



Price: $2,995

Purchase UK and France together for $4,495  


You can reserve your ticket now by clicking the More Details button....



Cruise  Ended

Interested in future cruise email

We had a fantastic time on the New Life Cruise. Workshops while cruising to beautiful spiritual places. Check this out and let me know if you are interested in a future tour.




Price: $2,100


 “ This Trip ended, if you are interested in a future one to Hawaii please email


Intuitive healing Retreat. Become a master healer, medical intuitive and following your guides in spirit. Reiki certification all levels through Master. But for those already Reiki Masters you will reach much deeper levels. All on a beautiful organic farm in Oahu. Plus attunement at the sacred birthing stones and option to swim with the wild dolphins.  



Price: $2,850    


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