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England Sacred Sites and Distant Healing

Follow me as I go to the sacred sites in England. Stone Circles, Crop Circles, Healing Waters, wishing Stones, local psychics, witches and much more, I'll be blogging and posting.

I have your name so you will be getting the group free healing.

If you want a distance healing session and to take your photo to all the site, I will need your petition soon

If you get a Personal Distance Healing Session I will do your session in England and then will take your photo to all the sacred sites as well as bring you back some items from each of the sites (crop from a crop circle, stones from the stone circles etc…)  click here for info on a personal healing session   ( will need your photo and your petition. Your petition can include everything you need; physical healing, help with relationships, finances etc)

Releasing Relationship Stone

Angel pendants that were blessed at the

Saint Annes Well Click Here to purchase one

Manifesting Rock

Or get an attunement from one of the sites. Get a psychic attunement from the middle of a crop circle or get a Master Reiki attunement from the Saint Anne healing water…  click here  for info on an attunement


I will be going to the crop circles   

Ancient Stone  Circles

Chalice Wishing Well - Holy Grail

Annes  Well 

Healing Waters  Saint Anne’s Well and other healing water sites ​Click here for video of Chalice well and other healing waters in uk 

Working with White Witches 


Click here to Watch the video

Chalice Well Glastonbury    Click here to read Blog 

Glastonbury Abby                 Click here to read Blog

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