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Cure Cancer, Lyme, Diabetes, Seizures and more

Why do we have an illness? Does it just happen to some of us who are victims? I believe that all ailments are created first in our energy field. It is a build up of negative emotions and repressed feelings that cause energy blocks or misalignments. We all have this to some extent but sometimes this can be very severe and cause major health issues.

Discovering and finding these blocks of misaligned energy is important but what is more important is to release the underlying triggers that cause the build up in the first place. Releasing our “triggers” is probably the single most important step we can take in resolving our health issues. As we go through life, we store our memories and our important emotional events, both the good and the bad. We store the times that moved us, where we felt loved, accepted, and appreciated. We also store negative thoughts and feelings.

These are all stored in our energy fields as blocks of negative energy. They can be in our outer energy bodies, in our thinking or emotional fields. If we allow them to fester too long or accumulate with other similar triggers, they can together form dense blocks of energy that actually manifest physically into your body. Many of our ailments, physical and emotional, are a result of an accumulation of these triggers. Eventually this energy is going to affect you. If you have a health issue, small or large, physical or emotional, it is most often related to one or several of these triggers that you have stored.

Most of our triggers stem from our relationships with others. Looking back over your life, think about your relationships, with parents, siblings, romantic partners, others. What really irks you in these relationships? What issues and events still rouse emotion in your even many years later. When you look back at your childhood and you remember hurtful things that were said to you, does it still stir up a negative emotion?

When you consider your old romantic relationships, and you think about things that they said or did that really hurt you, how do you feel about that today? Do you look back and say, “I can’t believe that person did that. That was really mean and hurtful. But I have forgiven them. I send them love and white light, and I honor them for that experience. I love them for allowing me to experience that.” If you do, you’re a blooming angel. This is very difficult and for most a life long pursuit to be able to do this.

Meanwhile we can get help in other ways. Going to see a spiritual healer or doing a distance healing is allowing the healer to access the energy field and literally shift this energy. It is actually you releasing the issue having a medium or healer as the in between medium to enable you to be able to receive this. Now we have to continue to do our part of the work. Even if the healer is able to shift the energy completely, the person must continue to try to release the negative feelings to prevent the situation and the ailment from returning.

Certain oils and blessed items can have this same affect to release energy blocks. Different crystals help to release certain energy blocks, usually specific to the area of the body they resonate with. For instance a turquoise crystal will resonate with the throat chakra to dissolve issue about not talking or expressing oneself. This is also directly connected to health issues around the throat or neck.

CBD oil works in a similar way accessing the energy of the auric field and literally dissolving certain energy blocks causing health issues. It is particularly good with cancer, Lyme, Diabetes and Seizures.

So ultimately one needs to do the release of emotions through forgiveness, love and meditation but CBD oil, blessed oils, crystals and spiritual healing is all very affective.

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If you need help with figuring out what would help you, please email me your details to along with your name and birthday.

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