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John of God in the News

To answer my flood of messages about the John of God news asking if this is true. All I can tell you is that I have been visiting him for years, wrote a book and produced a movie about him and never has he ever given me any kind of inappropriate gesture. I have been alone with him several times, I have been to his ranch and even brought him to Toronto and he's never made any kind of sexual move on me. I have never heard of him doing any kind of private sessions for anyone. I have now been in contact with hundreds of women both who came with me on trips to Brazil or went by my recommendation. None say they were ever offered any type of private session and they all say they never experienced anything inappropriate. I have close girlfriends at the casa I have spoken with, they also have never seen or heard anything and are as shocked and bewildered as I am. I have traveled all over the world seeking healers and spiritual places and this is one of the most incredible healing centers on the earth. I have witnessed countless numbers of examples of healing of all kinds.

The casa remains open and people continue to go for spiritual healing. When John of God travels the casa sessions continue. John of God says it is only God that heals and the spirits that do the work, continue. John says that he is just the medium but there are thousands of entities of light doing the healing there and many report that the healing works whether the medium is there or not. Right now, sessions are still held and people can still get herbs, go to the waterfall, and take crystal bed sessions.

My book now also available on Audio: Spiritual Journey’s Visiting John of God -

Movie John of God Just a Man - Click Here you can also watch on GaiamTV -

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