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Bahia Blue the rare Communication Gemstone

The Bahia Blue is an absolutely gorgeous gemstone, sparkling bright, deep turquoise. It is a natural gem only found in one place in the world, that is Bahia, Brazil.

Unfortunately, all the Bahia has now been mined and since there is no other available in the world, it is becoming an extremely rare stone to find.

It is the most powerful throat chakra stone, resonating perfectly with the energy of that chakra. For this reason, it is a wonderful aid for any kind of communication. This would include public speaking, writing, singing, acting or just being able to speak up at work and be heard and appreciated by friends and family. In relationships it helps communication between people, so it promotes listening and understanding. It is great for romantic relationships, and since many problems in romance stem from bad communication, this is often the only thing that is needed to resolve relationship issues. In family it brings clarity and understanding and can resolve family conflicts by opening better communication.

It aids clairaudience or messages from the spirit world, enabling one to hear their guides more clearly and decipher the messages from ordinary thoughts. It enables the wearer to read people and “hear” spirits.

It can heal the wearer of throat chakra issues which would include sore throats, thyroid conditions and also mouth, gums, teeth and nasal issues. It also governs the ears and hearing. In addition, it works on the back of the neck and so can heal neck pain and stiffness. These are mostly physical symptoms of not being able to express yourself. You may have found that a parent and then future relationships would not allow you to speak up. The Bahia Blue works on these issues at an energy level of communication and expression, which then releases the physical issues.

For those who want to publish a book, speak publicly or be heard in relationships this is an amazing stone.

I.m wearing my very rare Bahia Blue

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Bahia Blue is truly a famous gemstone worldwide with its beautiful and sparkling turquoise color. If you have seen it, you will definitely like it. I once had the opportunity to see it at an exhibition and really enjoyed its beauty, wordle today I am happy to learn more information about this gemstone.


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