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Press and police interrogating John of God are terrified by ‘Supernatural’ events – Of course, did t

The press is reporting that John of God seems to be spiritually protected and that strange psychic events are helping him. This is being reported by mainstream press including The Daily Mail: Click Here

Reports say strange events occurred to both police and press during their interrogations of John of God regarding the sexual assault claims of supposedly 300 women which made them scared that spiritual beings are against what they are doing. Many of the press had been reporting that John of God is a fraud and his spiritual healing powers are fantasy but now they are worried that he has supernatural powers and these spirits are vigilantly protecting him.

It started when the initial police officer who was supposed to interrogate John of God about the sexual assault claims was in an accident. He was on his way to question John of God when he was hit by a car. He survived with a broken arm.

Meanwhile press members who have perpetuated the sexual assault claims in the news, were stalking John of God outside his home when they suddenly all felt ill. Some said they felt disorientated and nauseas. Some worried they had been cursed. Then one of them went unconscious and they hurriedly left the scene.

Then during the police investigations several supernatural events took place that had the police scared to death. Observers said the heat in the room got intense and they were all sweating, except John of God who sat quietly in a chair. One of the police officers tried to turn up the air conditioning when suddenly there was an electric short, the wires sparked, and the fridge was fried.

As they asked John of God questions about the alleged sexual abuses, he was calm and cooperative, but the computers froze, and they could not transcribe his words. At one point the computer had a mind of its own and wrote zeros across the page when no one was typing. Lights turned on and off and even the printer turned itself on and started printing pages by itself.

This is not the first time something like this has happened, years ago, John of God was placed in jail by officials that disagreed with spiritual healing. The police officer came in with a stick and started beating John of God. John of God didn’t fight back but just kept quiet and prayed. Suddenly the police officer turned the stick on himself and started beating himself. When other officers heard the cries and came running in, they were astounded. They quickly released him. You can read about this and other incidents in “The Miracle Man: The Life Story of Joao De Deus,” by Robert Pellegrino

I have been going to the casa for 10 years and I have witnessed many miracles. There is an atmosphere of complete love and literally millions of people have been healed by him. Just as the spirits work through him to heal others, the spirits will protect him now.

If you have been to the casa and seen his work, please share your experience and comment.

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