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John of God Denies Sexual Assault Accusations- Released Today

News from the Casa in Brazil that John of God was released today December 18th and is back at his ranch. He asked permission to return to the Casa to continue his healing work tomorrow but as of yet he is not being allowed to return. Meanwhile the Casa will be open. John of God says he is just the medium and the spirits continue to do the healing work when he is not there. We hope he will return shortly and we pray that these sexual assault charges will be dropped.

I have received a flood of concern from women about the news on John of God, asking is this true? It’s a news frenzy reporting that João Teixeira de Faria or John of God, is being accused of sexually assaulting 200, even 300 women. Is this Fake News? CNN Click here to read Washington Post

John of God adamantly denies these sexual abuse claims. When these allegations came out, John of God offered to be questioned, but no police tried to contact him. On Sunday he drove himself to the police and turned himself in for questioning. We are praying for justice.

I can’t say for sure if these assault allegations are true or not, but I can tell you that I have been going to the Casa for ten years and have taken hundreds of women clients and I have never seen any indication of anything sexual.

None of my clients have ever reported any type of inappropriate behavior and none have ever been invited into any “private session.” In fact, I have never heard of anyone having a private session. I have asked my close friends who work as staff at the Casa who are equally as shocked and say they never heard, nor saw any indication of sexual abuse. None are aware of any of women having private treatments. How could 200 or 300 women be sexually abused, even raped and staff who have worked there for years have never seen any sign of assault? And all of this is supposedly taking place during very public sessions of 3000 people.

If you have never been to the healing center in Brazil, the layout is very public. There is a main hall with a stage and an inside mediation room which looks very similar to a Catholic Chapel. Both the main hall and the inside room are filled with hundreds of people, while others line up in front of him and pass by him for healing.

John of God has an office/staff room, where he goes after the session. He is accompanied there by Casa staff who are with him while he comes out of trance and remain there to go over any business for the day. I have been with him in this office several times and he is always surrounded by staff. It is here where he was supposedly taking his victims to abuse them sexually.

John of God’s office where he supposedly sexually abused women

Hundreds of people wait outside this office hoping to get a photo with him. Are we really to believe that he is raping or abusing girls in there with hundreds of people waiting outside for a photo?

Main John of God Stage where hundreds watch demonstration healings

This just doesn’t make sense. What does make sense is there is a new president coming into power who is very much against spiritual healing.

If this is political powers trying to ruin John of God by using the me too movement, this is despicable. It is also an attack on all spiritual healing and the right to receive alternative healing that has worked for millions. It is nothing new, the press has been trying to discredit John of God and other healers for years. What’s different is these claims in the light of the me too wave.

The press also portrays John of God as a crack and a fraud and that people who believe in him are all mindless cult followers led around like sheep, clueless about the real world and delusional about the healing going on. It is not only the character of John of God that is under attack it is anyone who believes in spiritual healing.

If you have been to the Casa, it is time to speak up and educate people. How can you do this? Be active in writing and posting your experiences. Please share videos of the real healing that is taking place at the casa and let outsiders understand this is not a cult, there is no religion to follow and anyone is welcome to visit and ask for healing.

I was featured in News Week. I wrote the book “Gail Thackray’s Spiritual Journey’s: Visiting John of God,” produced the movie, “John of God Just a Man,”and the Live John of God Toronto event with 12,000 people, so I have been alone with him many times and he’s never made any type of sexual gesture towards me

Here is a video of John of God on stage adamantly saying he is innocent Video John of God denies sexual assault

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han gu
han gu
Jun 13

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The media presents followers of John of God as foolish cult members who are blind to reality and naive about the ongoing healing, portraying him as a crack and a charlatan. It is not just the person who believes in spiritual healing who is being attacked, but also the character of John of God. geometry dash subzero


davenport kim
davenport kim
Nov 22, 2023

I hope these sexual assault charges will be dropped against John of God. eggy car

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