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John of God #metoo Sexual Assault Claims

John of god sexual assault claims

“Celebrity Healer in Brazil Is Accused of Sexually Abusing Followers” the headlines read, talking about João Teixeira de Faria or John of God and the press is in a frenzy. But is this #fakenews?

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I might be in question if I defend the Brazilian healer John of God, since it happens to coincide with the reveal that I worked with Larry Flynt and Hugh Hefner (Book- Running with Wolves: A Woman’s Memoir of Sex Scandal and Seduction). And my message that you can be both sexy and spiritual. I am shocked and concerned about the claims which are very serious but I am confused as to how this is possible. I have worked with John of God for many years as well as taken hundreds of women clients to Brazil and there was not one instance, not one client who ever reported anything like this to me. And the set-up of the healing sessions makes me wonder how this is possible. Ask anyone who has been to the healing center in Brazil (including Oprah) and they will tell you it doesn’t add up. There are 3000 people a day in his very public healing sessions, all watching in an open room. There is no “bathroom off to the side” and there are no “private back room sessions.” People would pay a fortune for such a private session- there’s no such thing.

I have been taking groups to Brazil for years as featured in NewsWeek. I wrote the book “Gail Thackray’s Spiritual Journey’s: Visiting John of God,” produced the movie, John of God Just a Man,” and the Live John of God Toronto event with 12,000 people, so he’s had plenty of chance to hit on me and he’s never made the slightest pass. I have never had a complaint from any of my clients and have received thousands of gushing reports of amazing healings.

John only speaks Portuguese and these girls are reporting whole conversations with him, so except for those who speak Portuguese it is impossible to have these conversations without a translator present.

There are many women who have truly suffered in #metoo situations and it is long overdue that this issue is coming to light. But this is not something that should be lightly thrown around as a man can be totally ruined over such a thing.

John of God has dedicated his life to helping people and has brought, faith, hope and real healing to millions. One should look carefully into the facts before judging. It would be a real shame to throw away healing millions for some accusations that just don’t seem to add up

Here is a video of John of God on stage adamantly saying he is innocent Video John of God denies sexual assault.

If you have been to the casa and know John of God, please share and comment so that people can really understand what it is like there.

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han gu
han gu
Jun 13

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Shaffer Harvey
Shaffer Harvey
Oct 18, 2023

This is the information I've been seeking; connections game many thanks!

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