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Taxes- Spiritual Write offs

For your healing business, Charitable donations and more

As we scurry to file our taxes, I had a few thoughts to share for those of you who are doing some healing work (such as Reiki) part time and also on Charitable Deductions (you can write off your purchases for Precious Gems, John of God tours and more…)

Making Healing Your Career

Are you a Reiki healer? Do you practice life coaching or energy healing part time?

There are many items that we use as healers both during our practice on clients as well as furthering our intuition that you may be able to deduct as expenses. We are not tax experts and you should check with your CPA but many healers and practitioners have told me that they expense off not only crystals, essential oils and items for their healing practice but also anything to further their own development and to open their psychic senses to be able to serve their clients. And why not? These are tools of the trade. Hurry and get your healing tools; Crystal cutting cord wands, Prayer triangles, Power Gems, Books and DVDs

Check on some of the therapeutic tools you may use. The Crystal Amethyst mats I have listed on my site are approved as a “Medical Device,” and therefore are tax exempt.

Many practitioners have built an entire spiritual business around a Crystal Mat or a John of God crystal bed, offering clients sessions on the beds.

Or you can write off some of your purchases as a CHARITABLE DEDUCTION see below:

Many of you know that I do a lot of my work through Lady of Light Charitable Organization and I plan to shift more of the work through here.

Lady of Light Certified Charitable Donation

The Universal Life Church – Lady of Light Congregation, “Lady of Light”

US 501 (3) c IRS DL No is 17053341008001 Australian Charity registration #: Y2795145

Thank you so much to those of you that made a donation to our charity Lady of Light. We use the proceeds assists those in need with distant healing, subsidizing trips, workshops and support. As you know we lost our meditation retreat center in the fire at the end of the year.

Making Purchases deduct 50% as a Donation – if you purchase an item, such as a Precious Gem Pendant, blessed crystals, books, even if you purchase a tour to John of God, you can deduct 50% of the purchase price as a charitable donation. To claim a charitable deduction on your tax return, you itemize your deductions on Schedule A on your federal form 1040 using lines 16-19. You do not need to provide details unless you get audited and you will need to show the receipt of what you bought and our name or number above. Purchases over $5000 please ask me to provide you with a special receipt.

Donations - We really need your help to find companies that do charitable donations. Many large companies and individuals need to donate a certain amount each year to reduce their tax bracket. However this must be to a CERTIFIED PUBLIC 501(3)c (not all 501(3)c’s fall in this category- Ours does!) You would be amazed at the crazy places companies donate money to, just because they cannot find a qualified 501(3)c. Since we had the fire in Dec 2017 we really need donations to rebuild and right now we have plans for our retreat center, meditation building and equine animal communication and special needs program, all which desperately needs those tax deductible donations. You can deduct cash up to 50% of your Adjusted Gross Income and cut your taxable income in half!!! And so this is why people look for certified 501(3)c’s. The new tax laws allow for up to 60% in 2018!!!

Donating appreciated assets for double benefit - Donating property that has appreciated in value, like stocks, gives a double benefit. Not only can you deduct the fair market value of the property (if you've owned it for at least one year), you will avoid paying capital gains tax. Normally, appreciated assets are subject to capital gains tax at disposition - whether by selling or gifting - but there's an exception for donations to charitable organizations. You can deduct appreciated capital gains assets up to 20% of your Adjusted Gross Income. Again if you know anyone or any company that could benefit from this, please let them know about us.

Crypto-currency Donations – we would gladly take donations of crypto-currency and just as in the case of stocks, if the person has experienced capital gains which of course most crypto has seen huge gains, then this can be a double benefit. We can take the donation in Crypto, you can deduct it from your taxes in US dollars.

Retirement asset donations more benefits - Typically, if you want to make a donation from your IRA, you'd have to withdraw those funds, pay the tax and then make the donation. There is an exception: IRA owners who are age 70½ or older can transfer up to $100,000 per year to an eligible charity tax-free. Even better: The transfer counts toward your required minimum distribution (RMD) for the year. Again if you know anyone or any company that could benefit from this, please let them know about us.

Donating Items – Right now we desperately need building materials. Any donations of items can be considered a charitable donation and written off against your taxes. For a donation you can list the property's fair market value. For items of a value over $5000, you would need a receipt from me and we will need to have an appraisal done which we can assist with. You can deduct non-cash items up to 30% of your Adjusted Gross Income. We would love a mobile home/kit home/prefab house if you know of anyone who has one to get rid of and could use the donation.

Australian Residents – please check with your tax expert. We are an Australian registered Charity registration #: Y2795145 and I’ll be happy to provide you any receipts you might need.

If your loved one is in need – If you or a loved one needs assistance going to John of God or receiving distance healing please ask companies to donate and we will make their donations assist you at the same time as helping them with tax incentives.

We are not tax experts and you should check with your CPA.

Please contact me if you have a significant donor or have other questions

For more about Lady of Light

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