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Mystic Rainbow Topaz

Great Third Eye Opener, for Intuition, Mediumship, Magical Abilities, Success, Completion

Mystic Topaz is also known as Rainbow Topaz or Fire Topaz. It is actually natural white (clear) topaz that has been treated with a very thin layer of titanium by placing it in a Titanium vapor. This adds a permanent blue/purple rainbow color to the stone. This stone has all the qualities of Topaz as well as the enhanced titanium resonance.

It is known as the stone of success and completion, to allow one to come into their own, live their true desires and be successful in their ultimate dream. Much of this has to do with opening the psychic eye and deepening intuition which enables you to be able to decipher the options that are available and to manifest them into being. It is a magical stone that draws in powerful talents from previous lives, especially psychic abilities. This is a great stone for mediumship, spiritual development and increasing clairvoyance. It is great for practical issues, being able to see the opportunities and to make the right decisions. It resonates with all the upper chakras especially the crown (Divine Connection) and the Third Eye. This is a great stone to meditate with.

  • It is said to increase energy, vitality and overall health.

  • It especially is loved by those who have had previous Egyptian lives.

Ancient Greeks and Egyptians used Topaz for “seeing” and healing. They would place a gemstone in the wine to cure upper respiratory issues. They would also soak a stone in wine to improve eyesight. Probably because it opens the third eye and aids physical eye sight as well. They also wore it for protection.

Wear it in your aura as much as possible for the first few weeks until you feel your energy being stronger and your life flowing more easily.

Wearing it in bed may make it hard to fall asleep. If the energy is too high, keep it in the same room but not too close.

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