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Tibetan Green Precious Gemstone

A precious stone for Heart Opening and Massive Manifesting.

Tibetan Green obsidian is only found in Tibet on the banks of the Yarlung Zangbo river which is one of the most sacred sites in the world. This stone was only recently introduced to the West, but it is almost all mined and therefore is very rare. It is believed that this gemstone was released to the West to bring a higher dimension and Tibetan energy to the Western world, through healers and lightworkers who are drawn to this and spread its vibration to others. If you feel called to this, you probably have healing in your life purpose at least to some degree. It resonates with the heart chakra, opening and healing the heart. This is the most powerful stone for healing physical conditions of the heart as well as healing emotional issues.

This deep green gem is also a great manifesting stone.

It carries a masculine energy and brings inner and outer physical strength.

For opening the heart this is best worn on a long chain over the heart chakra or just above.

We are energy bodies with energy or life force running through us and resonating with our chakras. Wearing a precious gem in your aura through jewelry or a crystal in a pocket, a high vibrational stone will resonate with the energy centers of your body. If your energy is weak in certain chakras, a high vibrational stone can help to rejuvenate your energy center. It is best to wear this piece for a while continually until your own chakra energy reboots itself.

To see if your chakra is weak you can have a friend test your energy with a pendulum (it should move in a circle when your energy is strong, or move very little if weak), then hold the gem in your aura and retest if this strengthened your energy. We are usually drawn to the ones that our bodies know we need.

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