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Larimar – The 4 Secret Energies

The Larimar stone is a stunningly beautiful baby blue stone only found in the Dominican Republic. Some feel that it is only found here because it carries the energy of Atlantis. It is certainly a magical stone that carries very special properties and is a favorite with mediums and seeyers. It resonates with four energies;





COMMUNICATION-THROAT CHAKRA, a wonderful stone for communication. In fact, this is one of the most powerful throat chakra stones. The color is the exact color of the chakra and it vibrates at the correct frequency helping to heal throat and neck issues and aiding with communication. A great stone for public speaking. Also helps with communication of all kinds including with spirit. This was the first stone that I was recommended when I started doing readings and speaking and I absolutely love it. It governs communication of all kinds, so this would include channeling from spirit, clairaudience and getting messages from spirit. If you are writing a book or creating a TV show, this is one of the most powerful energies that will get your word out. Or if you are just looking to have better communication with your loved ones this works wonderful. You can wear the stone anywhere in your aura but if you are looking to heal the throat chakra, have neck pain, throat issues, gum and teeth issues, thyroid problems or hearing issues, wear a pendant or necklace around the neck or choose earrings, this way the energy is directly on your chakra.

TWIN FLAME-TRUE LOVE, Some believe it is the TWIN FLAME stone of true love and soul mates, so if you are looking for a soul mate this is a powerful stone. Wearing this stone is said to draw in your twin Flame. It strengthens the bond between lovers and aids in deep meaningful communication. It allows lovers to express themselves and resonate with their true essence. This is a great gift for one you love dearly. If you haven’t found your twin flame yet, meditate while wearing your larimar.

ATLANTEAN VIBRATION Larimar is fund in a region that many believe was once the great civilization of Atlantis now buried in the ocean. For those that have had previous lives in Atlantis this draws out their powers and abilities and realigns them with this energy. Some receive spontaneous memories of this great civilization as well as rekindle powerful mediumship and healing abilities.

DOLPHIN ENERGY Larimar is also known as the Dolphin stone. This is probably because the Atlantean civilization was very connected to the Dolphin energy. Those that do animal communication or feel highly connected to dolphins will find that this stone connects them more deeply.

The only place on earth this stone has been found and is mined is the Dominican Republic. For this reason, it is very limited. I went to the Dominican Republic myself where I was able to get beautiful hand-crafted pieces of the highest quality stones from light workers down there.

I brought back some beautiful pieces, but they are all one of a kind, get yours before they are gone!

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