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Happy Thanksgiving


Wishing you an awesome Thanksgiving

I am grateful for many things this year, for health and family but also for all my friends here. I really appreciate you.

What are my plans to watch my waist this Thanks Giving?

  1. Use this time to reflect on what you are really thankful for. When you are grateful for something it is drawn to you. Many of us put on extra pounds because we are harboring hurt, anger and frustration about the past. When you are looking to the future and being grateful in the present you are reprogramming your thinking and it literally takes you away from negative thoughts and dissolves the energy that has caused you to put on weight.

  2. Those of you that are psychically sensitive around other people pick up their issues. This can make you tired, drained, anxious or even put on weight. Protect yourself with white light before you put yourself in a stressful family situation this week. Send a few minutes beforehand meditating and envisioning that you are in a tunnel of white light and nothing is going to affect you.

  3. I have some secret Weight Loss Essential Oil Drops, then I am going to enjoy whatever I like, including a huge slice of pumpkin pie and fresh cream. Am I kidding? A little bit, but seriously, I love this blend of essential oils that is amazing for balancing your metabolism and helping you convert sugars into energy. You take about 5 drops in a glass of water (use a glass not plastic), before each meal. I'm going to do a double dose before Thanksgiving!

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I usually visit my Grandparents in Thanksgiving day. analytical characterization of monoclonal antibodies

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