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Cancer Free!

I am so happy to say Donna is 100% cancer free

4th stage ovarian cancer with tennis ball tumors and Donna beat it! Donna is Cancer Free

Donna was in England very ill when a friend brought her photo to me. First I did my energy healing on her photo myself then I sent her the CBD oil (Marijuana oil that is strictly for healing and doesn't get you high). Then I took her photo to John of God in Brazil where she received a prescription for herbs.

A few months later she went in to the hospital for Chemo. Her doctors were amazed. The cancer had completely gone !!!!

Of course Donna did her part of the work too. In spiritual healing you are allowing spirits to work on you but ask yourself "What am I learning from this?", "What negative feelings am I holding onto that might be causing this." You need to do your half of the work too, meaning you need to do some soul searching about why you had this which often involves release and forgiveness.

John of God Spiritual Healing

This can be for a physical illness but it can also be for something emotional or even a career or financial block. I present a photo to John of God and he reads the energy. Often he will prescribe herbs which are infused with the energy for you. If you are interested in a photo petition

click here for more details

CBD oil

This is a marijuana extract without THC. It has been used very successfully to treat cancer, seizures, migraines and many other ailments. click here for more details

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