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Healing Relationships

We learn much of our lessons through relationships especially romantic relationships. Relationship issues painful as they are, are there for you to learn and grow spiritually. They are usually because you are working through past life karma that you've had together or that you yourself have had about being abandoned or hurt in a previous life. It often is also a result of negative feelings that you may be holding onto from early childhood such as issues with your parents or siblings. The negative situations will keep showing up until you are convinced you have fully experienced it. A spiritual healing will help you to resolve the issues in the past so that it no longer affects you in the present. John of God (the spirits) do half the work, we have to do half the work. That means forgiving and moving past hurt feelings and arguments in your relationship, forgiving people that may have caused your early childhood issues and telling spirit you are willing to release past life karma about this, even if you don’t understand what that was. When you can get to that point, you will see much clearer. It doesn’t always mean that the relationship will continue and you will be together forever, though it often does, but if the relationship ends you will feel less hurt in the process and you will be open to a much better relationships in the future. Negativity will always draw more of the same until you fully come to terms with the past, not only in this relationship, but all other times you have felt these same feelings of hurt. That's why even if the current relationship was to end and you haven’t fully resolved the energy, another one just as bad would show up. You can't have a beautiful loving relationship with this person or any in the future until you have fully released the negative feelings you are holding onto. I know, easier said than done! You also can't change the other person but it is amazing when you work on yourself how nice the other person becomes. When you change your energy you are no longer drawing negative experiences to yourself so that person no longer causes you distress.

How do you even know if you are drawing negative relationship experiences to yourself? Think about past arguments, do you still get upset at what was said or done? Are you still upset when you think about things your parents did? If so, you still have more work to do.

While I am at John of God and you can use this connection and ask for help, the easier this will be. The entities of light are available for anyone who asks for help and they can give you that loving, nurturing space to support you as you release and forgive, which is not easy.

To present a photo to John of God to ask for a relationship healing or help with other issues click here

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