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3 Gems for Manifesting Abundance

Certain gems are known for their properties to enhance manifesting and draw your desires to you.

Meditation for Manifesting- You can use these stones for directing your meditations holding the stone (over your heart) and concentrating on your desires. The crystal gem helps to empower your desires and keep them as stored positive energy. This is why in my manifesting book we use a small crystal as an anchor.

Keep in your aura - If you can keep the stone in your auric field (on a pendant or in your pocket) for a few weeks it will start to change your energy; dissolve financial blocks and strengthen your aura. Even while you sleep put the pendant or stone under your pillow to keep the energy in your field.

Citrine - is one of the most powerful manifesting stones that has been used for thousands of years to literally bring in a person’s wishes. Of course manifesting is often used for drawing money and abundance but it can be used to draw property, decisions, success in other areas and even to manifest love.

Green Obsidian -The deep green stones such as Tibetan Green Obsidian (found on the banks of the river in Tibet) and John of God green obsidian are also wonderful manifesting stones. The green stones open the heart chakra and enable the heart to manifest it’s passions or desires. These green stones can be used for manifesting money but they also open the heart to manifest happiness and the things or experiences that literally bring love to the heart.

Amethyst - Deep blue or purple stones are wonderful for manifesting because they open the third eye. We may be good at manifesting but don’t have the clarity or direction or focus that is really required, so although they are not known particularly know for manifesting they work because they enable the person to receive clear direction.

Check out these gems in either crystals or pendants in my shop click here

If you want me to choose something that works specifically for you email me and include your name and birthday and ill do a free mini reading to choose

Oils/Sprays for Manifesting Abundance

Certain oils or sprays can help to increase your ability to manifest. Often this is because they are removing energy blocks and negative energies that are preventing you from manifesting, thus clearing your aura, returning you to your natural ability to manifest yourself. Click Here

Eucalyptus - Psychic Cleanse- works to clear the aura of negative energy which may be blocking you from receiving abundance

Geranium Rose – Intuition – Opens the third eye so you can make better decisions. When you are clearer and more in touch with your guides it is easier to manifest.

Moringa - Tree Of Life – Brings your soul purpose into fruition. We should be living your soul purpose (what you love to do) in abundance. Many times there is a disconnect between what we do for a living and what we love.

Third eye opener -third eye that opens your intuition Go Here

Prosperity Spray – a mixture of clearing mists and manifesting herbs plus John of God blessed water

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