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Ormus Gold Miraculous Discovery

I tried this supplement called Ormus and was really amazed. I friend of mine makes organic Ormus which is a compound mixture of minerals that is a scientifically undefined state of matter that greatly increases intuition. It is prepared from sea water and I loved it so much I asked her to make a special batch with both sea water and John of God blessed water. I found this really helps to produce profound affects during meditation and during mediumship sessions.

Ormus is a natural compound of essential minerals associated with the development of the consciousness and life force energy itself. It can be taken orally or through the skin. It is perfectly safe and has no adverse side effects. It is produced from purified sea water. It was discovered in 1975 by an Arizona farmer, David Hudson who noticed this compound in the soil that in the sunlight literally disappeared in a flash of light. When it was tested known minerals, such as gold, iron and calcium were derived but the remaining 95% consisted of other elements not found on the periodic table. It is this mixture of elements that appears to bring great healing, expansion of the aura and a sense of well being but these elements may not have been scientifically discovered yet. What Hudson really witnessed was when this material was placed in the sunlight it became one with the light and was transformed to another dimension, when it dried out it literally came back as a substance. Hudson then spent years of his life researching this substance and found that our brains contain at least 5% Ormus.

Ormus is thought to help with transformation of a person on a spiritual level and to aid healing in all dimensions. Many people report when using this regularly and before meditations it greatly increases their psychic awareness as well as bringing a sense of well being and peace. Some of the benefits reported from using Ormus are:

  • Increased psychic abilities

  • Aids deeper and more vivid meditation

  • Opening of the third eye and increasing visual messages

  • Aids sleep, quality of sleep and lucid dreaming

  • Anti-aging and regenerates cell growth

  • Draws out calcium build up when applied topically

  • Helps the body to hydrate

  • Increases energy and a sense of well being

  • Gives a sense of peace and tranquility

  • Reduces aches and pains

  • Reduces allergies

  • Protects the aura from negative energies

I have Ormus mixed with John of God Blessed water in the form of elixir or topical cream or spray. Click here for more info and to buy Omus Gold

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